Schedule/how to book

                        I'll be accepting dates as of Monday May 20



My schedule- If I am accepting dates I do so between the hours of 10am-10pm, on any given day. I am very part-time, so I appreciate advance notice. minimum 24hours. I also prefer and prioritize longer dates, 90 mins +. Some same day dates will be considered, but will require an additional fee. See my indulgences pages for details...

How to contact me- You may call, or text (902-444-0414). I ignore app and blocked numbers and if you text  and it doesn't include all necessary booking information (name/personal description/your type of employment/time/date wanted), then it too will be ignored and your number blocked.   

Screening/How to book-  All clients who are new to me are required to provide a 50% deposit via e-transfer sent to [email protected]. How I decide to screen you is my perogative. I use different methods. If you are set on remaining anonymous, please seek out another begin.... please fill out my booking form in it's entirety, found on my screening page, then call....I accept calls between 10am-10pm. Any forms without picture id, or other excluded information will be ignored

Booking with me is neither time consuming, nor complicated, for those willing to read, and follow my easy instructions..... 






Days Times Location Comments
Monday-Friday 10am-10pm Incalls Halifax Halifax Regional Munic
Weekends 10am-10pm Incalls Halifax Halifax Regional Munic