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    In Charlottetown Monday July 5th-Thursday July 8th  


Before we meet in Halifax please note..

*I screen all my clients. I do not meet with those who wish to remain anonymous. Proof of ID is required. My safety is my priority, your discretion is my professional responsibility. Knowing who you are not only helps me determine our compatibility, it also shows me that you are serious about meeting, with no ill intent. Once you identify yourself, I protect that information as dearly as I protect my own. Anyone who insisits on remaining anonymous will lead me to believe they've an agenda, and have no concern or respect for my needs, and will be put on my blacklist.

* A voice call is required for all new clients. If I miss your call, leave a detailed voicemail, with time/date of requested encounter with call back instructions, (I only call back those who request I do so). If I receive your message late, after a couple of hours, I will not call back, you'll have to reach back out. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, this is done to protect your privacy. Remember when calling, to have the time and date you want to meet already arranged. Please be articulate and polite. What you say will set the stage, and help determine whether or not I'll want to meet you. Those who ignore my request for phone calls only, and text anyhow, will be ignored and or blocked

*My encounters are always non-rushed, authentically offered, unscripted, encouraged to flow naturally, shared passionately and appreciated intimately.

*If you consider yourself to be a "hobbyist", or someone who follows review board culture, we probably won't get along. I do not want to meet with men who are known to rate, gossip about, or, who treat escorts as if they're property to be bought. We are not, we sell our time. I provide my clients with absolute discretion and respect, and I expect the gentlemen I meet to offer myself and other escorts the same. Review boards promote misogyny, gossip, bias, whorearchy (hierarchy among escorts), a belief that we should charge what a "hobbyist" can afford, not what we deem we are worth, or need, and other foolishness that negatively impacts the escort industry...... So please respect my wishes and seek out another companion, if you support review board culture, thank you.

*My locale is conveniently located 10 minutes from downtown Halifax. It is discreet, spacious, well accommodated and tastefully decorated.You'll feel at home, safe and very comfortable here. I'll provide whatever is needed to make your experience a safe, comfortable and an enjoyable one....

*I expect a cancellation fee should you have to cancel your appointment, regardless the reason/s. Half the fee is required should you cancel within 48 hours....... Within 24 hours, full fee is expected.

*I accept dates from mature, well spoken, non-smoking professional gentlemen over 35 yrs of age.  I expect my clients to be well groomed, and too have impeccable dental and body hygiene.White teeth, and well manicured nails on hands and feet are things I find attractive. Your hygiene will determine just how close we get! For those who require a shower, one is available for your use, for before and or after our date. I have a variety of shower soaps ( scented and unscented), mouth wash, deodorant (scented and unscented), fluffy towels and a comfy robe available for your use. Should you require any other amenities, please inform me of your requirements before our date, and I'll happily have what you require on hand. A good hostess also provides her guests with snacks and drinks. For my hour or longer sensual companionship/gfe dates, I'd love to treat you to your favorites....let me know what you'd like and I'll be sure to have it available....

*I do not contact my clients unless it is requested. I also expect you to undertand that our date ends when you leave. I am happily single and wish to remain that way. What we share will be authentic, enjoyed and cherished, but it will always remain professional and futher contact will require initiation by you only.

*My rates are non-negotiable, what you pay for is my time, nothing more.

*Please be mindful that although I'm very talented, experienced, and confident in my abilities, I'm not a magician. It is chemistry that make dates exceptional, without it, you get great service. Chemistry happens when two people connect on a level that surpasses just a physical need or attraction...

* Covid restrictions apply. Further details concerning these will be discussed upon calling and when we set a time to meet.




 Massage and more: 

- Hourly-240

This service is up to the hour and one in which I cater to you once...You'll receive a soothing and sensual head to toe massage, and other delightful attention. This service is for the man who wants to be the only one being pampered and who enjoys the art of touch.

Sensual Companionship: Allow me to indulge all you desire.

 This service is for the whole of 60 mins, and is unscripted and interactive. Lets unwind, chat, share a beverage, enjoy a massage, get to know one another, and take our time.... I am a passionate woman and I enjoy expressing this.

- Hourly-320

- 1.5 Hour-460

- 2 Hours-600

- 2.5 Hours-750

- 3 Hours- 900 any hours beyond the 3 are then 200$ ....

Intimate Texting/phone dates: You'll love my soothing, soft, and sexy voice. I'll read you a bedtime story, or titillate with some of my erotic musings. Whatever your pleasure, I'm sure I can accommodate.

Payment  is made thru e-transfer and must be made prior to our phone date. Call for more details.

100 for up to 30 mins. 

200 for 60 mins 



                                            I accept dates by appointment and phone calls between 10am-10pm          

                                           Those I've previously met, may text between 10am-10pm.

                                           More details about my services will be discussed when you call.

                                           Should I miss your call, please leave a detailed voicemail 




 I expect you to be prompt, discreet, and to keep what we do on our date between the two of us, just as I will. By meeting, you have agreed to the terms mentioned on this page.

Rate Length Service Details
$320gfe CAD 1hr Incalls
$600gfe CAD 2hrs Incalls
$900gfe CAD 3hrs Incalls