Cristy....The perfect reason to indulge

                         I offer the service you crave, with the professionalism you expect


   You should know.......

* I screen all my clients. I do not meet with those who wish to remain anonymous. Proof of ID is required. My safety is my priority, your discretion is my professional responsibility. Knowing who you are not only helps me determine our compatibility, it also shows me that you are serious about meeting, with no ill intent. Once you identify yourself, you can have peace of mind knowing that I protect that information as dearly as I protect my own. Anyone who insisits on remaining anonymous, will lead me to believe they've an agenda and have no regard for my needs and safety, and will be blocked from further contact. I meet with men only, and prefer to meet with those who are professional, articulate, and who are over the age of 30.  If we agree to meet- I expect you to be discreet, polite, respectful, freshly showered, with well groomed nails, on hands and feet. Good oral and body hygiene, ( nice white teeth, if you expect to be kissed), fresh breath, and please, non-smokers only. You should be dressed appropriately, and sober when you arrive. 

* I offer incall, in person dates only. My locale is conveniently located 10-15  minutes from downtown Halifax. It is discreet, immaculately clean, spacious, well accommodated. and tastefully decorated. You'll feel at home, safe and very comfortable here. I'll provide whatever amenities needed to make your experience a safe, comfortable, and an enjoyably memorable one....If you require something I may not have, all you have to do is ask....My clients are offered a beverage, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, and a snack, if desired. You'll also have the use of  a comfy robe, fluffy towels, deodorant, mouthwash, soaps(scented/unscented) and a shower for before and or after our date. If there is something else you require, please let me know when booking, and I'll be sure to have it on hand.

* Should you have to cancel our date.....I expect a cancellation fee, regardless the reason/s. Half the fee is required should you cancel within 48 hours....... Within 24 hours, full fee is expected

*I do not contact my clients unless it is requested. I also expect you to undertand that our date ends when you leave. I am happily single and wish to remain that way. What we share will be authentic, enjoyed and cherished, but it will always remain professional and futher contact will require initiation by you.

*My rates are non-negotiable, what you pay for is my time, nothing more.

* Covid restrictions apply. Further details concerning these will be discussed upon calling and when we set a time to meet.




 ** My talents are impressive and my experience vast, but for a date to be repeat worthy and memorable, it requires chemistry, compatibility and good hygiene. Both parties must be clear about what they require and desire, and your expectations should be realistic.

Sensual Companionship: Allow me to indulge all you desire. Lets take our time, flirt, share a beverage, converse about interesting topics, cuddle, kiss, enjoy a relaxing, sensual massage and slowly and passionately explore one another.....

- Hourly-340/400. This rate (340hrly) is offered to those who pre-book.  Giving me 24 hrs notice or more. Those who want an appointment with shorter notice will be expected to pay 400 hourly.

- 1.5 Hour-480

- 2 Hours-600- This is my favorite. A two hour date is just the perfect amount of time for getting to know one another while allowing us to have plenty of indulgent exploring.

- 2.5 Hours-750

- 3 Hours- 900

-Any hours beyond the 3 are then 250$ ....




                         To book a date, please call between 10am-10pm. To contact me you may call or email ([email protected]). To receive a response via an email, your email must contain a real/non app phone number. I do not accept bookings via an email. I only accept new clients that I've had a conversation with via the phone. No exceptions. 

                                 Those I've met previously, may text






 I expect you to be prompt, discreet, and to keep what we do on our date between the two of us, just as I will. By meeting, you have agreed to the terms mentioned on this page/website.


      $340gfe / 1hr


      $600gfe / 2hrs


      $900gfe / 3hrs