12 Jun, 2024

It was an eventful day. It started at 10 am, visiting with a lovely gentleman. A man who took the time to read my ads, website, and who booked me with the notice (24hrs) I prefer, and respectfully so. He was gentle, considerate, smelled fabulous and brought me a gift ( so thoughtful). As I was getting ready to meet him another client I have seen a few times contacted me at 935 am asking if I could see him that same morning, I replied I could at noon. That way I'd have enough time to clean up, get set up again and to take a breather....he said no, he was hoping for earlier.....( keeping in mind, this is a client who contacts me 1-2 x's yearly. Who I have explained to before that I need 24 hrs notice, especially for morning appts),  so my snarky attitude towards him was well deserved......Hmmm, I responded, "should I cancel my 10am". He responded "That's up to you". Needless to say I suggested to him to seek out ladies who'll book asap, or within 30 mins, who don't require their clients to be considerate, or even polite. I then went out for some shopping therapy and to find some of the black Friday sales and to enjoy the gift I was given. Upon getting home, another client, who claimed to have seen me before, contacted me again, wanting to meet. I say again, because he's reached out a couple of times, but my availability never suited him and with promises of contacting me again with more notice. This was at 330pm....I told him I could be ready for 5 and would consider an hour appt, he had asked about a 30 min appt.....he responded that he couldn't meet for 5 as he had obligations for that time. Hmmm, I thought, WTF is wrong with some of these guys. If you are contacting me at 330, and have to be somewhere for 5, you are either lying about your commitment or just confused about my requirements, and with travel time, how would even a 30 min visit be possible? So he's another guy who I've since blocked from my call list, and it felt so freeing to do so. Why would anyone think that I'd want to spend any amount of time with men who can't even take into consideration any of my requirements or needs. Apparently some think their 250-350$ will make or break me, lol!! Please understand, at this stage in my escorting life, money is not my only motivator. Who I spend time with means more. How you treat me either motivates me or repels me and I'll do without clients, if the pool is only full of the likes of those two from yesterday. Thank goodness for the good guys!!