Wow!! -This thread is a perfect example of that expression "what you see in others exists in you!!!

Still.... I'm appalled at the condescention and hatred towards escorts shown in this thread, and once again, it is by "men" who frequent escorts!!!. Here you have some "men" being outraged that those who exchange their time for money, would dare ask for extra, or "handouts"....Here you have "men" who seek out women for their personal entertainment, outraged that those they seek are making some extra $$ without doing anything physical and for that they name call and belittle these ladies! Is this a case of jealousy? Are these "men" jealous that those who charge above what these "men" could possibly afford, jealous, because some escorts are making extra $$ simply by asking , are these "men" insulted that an escort can make a little extra without a sexual exchange? You would think that clients would want escorts to profit and profit well...but apparently we're only allowed to profit if we're performing a sexual act!! How dare we be given something without us spreading our legs!! Clearly, those asking for the "handout" aren't pretending to be in love with, or making unreasonable promises to those willing to help.....So then what is the problem? There is no one saying "you'll get this for that" and not following again.... what is the problem! Rich/famous people in other professions are always getting things for free and often are always asking and expecting things  for why not escorts?

Many of us post pic after pic, that those from a far, and who are not, nor will ever be a client, enjoy daily and for free. Some of us also manage other content that too is free, such as blogs, social media, etc, etc. Some of us also talk too, via pm's/dm's/emails, those we'll never meet. So to ask for something for that, every now and then, is fair, imo. Especially if and when a difficult situation arises. So again, why the animosity? I can only assume those in this thread, are some of those "hobbyists" that constantly carry a deep dislike for the women they matter the actions of these women. 

Lets be clear tho, there are hustlers out there, hustlers that are clients and hustlers that are escorts...and neither are representative of  all. But both escort and client want something from one another and both should be upfront with their expectations and both should be respectful of one another. Is it disrespectful to ask for handouts, or help?....My opinion, no, nor is it a hustle.You aren't being tricked into anything, someone is asking, so you either oblige or you don't.

Understand that asking for anything is definitely embarrassing for some, harder for some than for others, and for some, it's simply another way to make ends meet. Who is any of us to judge...But then again, this is just another example of a group of "hobbyists" grouping to *try*and determine among themselves what an escort should or should not receive. and how we are to go about receving what they deem we deserve....this is about control....and when some of these jerks loose the control, they lash out with name calling and put downs....

When some "men" who frequent escorts, try and belittle an escort by using the "hooker" or any other less favorable name too identify us, or by *trying* to shame us by claiming our locale is a "street corner". It backfires, these "hobbyists" forget that many of us don't believe in a heirarchy....nor do we think less of one of us who plies her trade on a corner,  some of us believe we're all equal....locale doesn't necessarily equate quality, and it certainly doesn't denote a persons integrity, nor character...but "Mr. Hobbyist" your actions in this thread certainly shows yours.....  I will always assume that these "hobbyists" are the "men" who hate escorts, and probably women in general..They are the deceivers....and it is these "men" who should be avoided.