Women haters....

This blog was inspired by this thread    https://twitter.com/___inCANdescent/status/1312486869100228608  I read on twitter. 

My response to it was imo, "The worst of the women haters, ( if they can even be categorized), are those who seek out escorts, they are the worst kind of crazy". Meaning...it is one thing for a man to carry a chip on his shoulder because of his dislike of women, it is another, for a man to do that and then seek out women escorts specifically, so he can express his disregard and hatred towards them, publicly and privately. These "types" plague the forums that are part of the escort industry. The review boards. They are the ones who will most often write graphic reviews, make posts to incite demeaning comments, and push their ideals of how we should charge, act, or who we should see, etc, etc. They express their veiled dislike of women openly and proudly, yet cowardly. I say veiled and cowardly, because they never will openly admit their hate of women. They always blame it on their targeted woman of the moment, as being the reason for them spouting off derogatory, graphic remarks and they'll enjoy spending lots of time convincing anyone who'll listen, that the retributions were deserved. They'll also threaten us, speak of us as if we're their property to use as they see fit, and will care less if what they say or how they act, affects anyone. 

These guys feel entitled to the use of our bodies, whether we offer our bodies to them or not. If we refuse their request, they become even more hostile in their writings and will enjoy trying to get others on board of their hate train. They will threaten to see us by circumventing our screening process, or by using pseudonyms that won't be recognized. They are conniving, vindictive and lying comes easier to them than being truthful. They feel we are at their disposal and that it is their right to do as they do. Watch out for them, they are plenty and to the women who support some of these douche bags.....remember you too are a woman, and you just might be their next victim. #sp411 #terb #merb #perb #lyla #ter