Will we get along?

16 Jul, 2024

I'm a laid back person with most people and I consider myself easy to get along with. I'm also a person who reacts to energy, and I'm very intuitive. So when I'm meeting a new client  in person, his energy, his demeanor, will help create or change mine. It may add to or take away from the mood I'm already in. Point is, how you react to and treat me, will help determine just how I react to and treat you. 

Even though I screen well, and choose my clients carefully, I can never be completely assured that we're going to be compatible until we meet in person. You can only read into so much by seeing a persons id, by hearing their voice and by asking specific questions. 

 So when we're not compatible, that doesn't mean something went wrong, or that there is something wrong with the client or me. No one should expect, or be expected to get along with everyone, well..... except for in this industry, lol. Only in escorting do some think that if two people didn't click, then one or the other must have done something wrong , or that there was something wrong with either person. And it's more typical that the escort is the one blamed for the "wrongs". Although, there are those reasonable, intelligent people who escort, and who visit escorts, who know that not every date will result in fireworks or compatibility. When it doesn't they respectfully move on and as long as something nefarious didn't cause the disconnect, they leave it at that. They don't blame the other person, or gripe about them and the time spent, on a review board. sadly they are in the minority...... Wouldn't it be nice if everyone that involved themselves in escorting saw and understood the realities of it, respected the discretion we all want, and treated everyone with dignity.......