It's the oddest thing. Men who insist on meeting with an escort who doesn't want to see them for whatever reasons. Then they become vindictive and play games with the escort who has declined them, or turned them away. It's as if they feel slighted because we can choose who we want to see. These guys will book, then cancel, or play other childish games, just to be vindictive, or as some sort of "payback". Some guys who are dead set against showing any proof of ID, will still contact escorts who clearly advertises that they screen, and require proof of ID. Then will promise to send it, all with no intentions of doing so.....Why? Some of the petty things some guys do, are well.....petty, pointless and so very childish, it's laughable. My requirements for clients are all clearly written on my indulgence page.Yet many will still try and circumvent those requirements, or play games because I have them. It's the oddest thing.

There are men who won't see mature women. I don't contact those men and play games, or become vindictive towards them. There are men, who prefer petite women, I don't contact those men and play games. Etc, etc. Get my point......

Some people need to grow up and realize escorts are business people. We have a right to choose our clientele. Just because you may want to see an escort, doesn't mean that is your right to do so. If an escort wants only non-smoking clients, if you smoke, DON"T BOOK. If an escort wants men of a certain age, and you are younger than that age, DON"T BOOK. If an escort wants to meet with men who have good teeth, and you have no teeth, DON"T BOOK. If an escort requests good hygiene and you're a slob, DON"T BOOK. Etc, etc......You don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand this. You do have to be able to read and follow our requirements and requests to become a client, and that isn't to much for us to ask!!