Why screening is so important.....

12 Jun, 2024

In all my years of escorting I've had every type of character contact me and often not for wanting a date, often for malicious reasons. Some succeeded in meeting me, whether it be just to see me, so they could then mock what they had seen, or to learn my locale so they could spread that information or use it against me, or for whatever other reasons such small minds can contrive. One such person, Demien3k5, circumvented my screening back in 2016. He is a character known in the escorting circles as a regular to the Toronto incall massage services, and as Jessica Rains side kick on the review board Caerf. while I was a board member  2015- until early 2020....In the screen shot included you"ll see how he himself admitted to meeting me and not for the want of a date, but for his agenda. He and Jessica, now known as Jennisis, for all those years did what they could to make my time on that board miserable, by stalking, slandering, mocking and bullying me. Demien is a 60 something disgruntled trick who would fervently boast about his wealth, and all the super stars he fucked....From my beginning days on that site he and his wing woman ( Jennisis/Jessica) would insult and attack anything I'd post. If I posted that I was vegetarian, Demien would post a thread on cow slaughter. If I made a comment that won favor with other members, Jessica or Demien or both, would come along and tear it apart. Pointing out it's misspellings, misquotes if any. They do/say whatever they could to illicit a reaction from me. They had an agenda...What entirely that agenda was, or is, I'll never understand, yet one exists/exisited. To prevent this happening to you, screen, if you can, and screen well....Read board members posts. And don't favor them if they are hating on someone you dislike. Because if they play games with them, they are very likely at some point to also play those same games on you.....BE WISE and BE AWARE!!

 So the moral to this story, and the point of this blog is to show some that it is important to be very careful of some of those people within this industry. There are many sheep in wolves clothing. Screen each client carefully and be leery of those "fame seeking" escorts. If they are prolific board members, screen them even more..... Trust your gut and be aware of those board members that post prolifically. They all aren't what they appear to be....As in Jessicas case. In many of her posts in those years on Caerf, she'd belittle our industry and brag about how she didn't need to work, that she had a "real Life" and a "real job" and that she only escorted for shits and she eluded to in the screenshot I've included. Which I realize doesn't prove much, but do your own research, there are lots of remaining posts on that site that show that side of her. I suspect that was one of the reasons for her name change.... as she has a propensity and a need to be seen as someone important, in a positive light, and as a supportive person towards escorts/escorting and those on the boards. On another instance, she tore into a board member whom she diagnosed as being mentally ill, and who she then told to kill "it" self. She called the person "it", because they were a person who didn't address themselves as being male or female......Please see people for what they really are and not the roles they play. Only then will we be safe within this "community" and only then will it improve.