18 Apr, 2024

There is no other sexual activity that I crave more than giving a horny man a good ball licking and cock worshipping. I love getting on my knees and showing a healthy, clean cock just how much I appreciate it. It's often a toss up to what I'll adore more, your balls, or your tip and shaft...and although I don't allow cim (cum in mouth), I must say, I'm often tempted. I love all shapes and sizes of cock, truly, but I have to admit, shaved is a preference. And not because I dislike the look of hair on a mans genitals, it's because it causes interuptions in my playtime. Stopping to pick hairs out of my mouth is neither sexy, nor fun. 

My technique...although it often varies....

 I like to take turns licking and sucking, using my lips and tongue in conjunction, to bring you to your stiffest ability. Then when I feel you are reaching your peak, I'll change my technique to tame you. I love watching a man cycle in and out of sexual bliss.The sounds and facial expressions are as exciting as the act itself. I love to dance on your balls with my tongue, teasing, taunting, gently suckling each one. Slowly I work my way up your shaft paying close attention to the head where I'll dance my tongue until you twitch with desire.....while my tongue and lips entertain your cock, my fingers will gently tease your balls and perineum. Sending waves of pleasure throughout your body, and sometimes a finger may slip into your asshole...... And beware, my stamina and hunger for cock worship are vast, I can do this endlessly.....Would you like to participate:)