Where will it end....

19 May, 2024

The most recent lock downs in Ontario has me heart sick for all of it's residents. We all know what it feels like to live with restrictions because of Covid, but here in the Maritimes we've been lucky to be able to be allowed some freedom within our provinces, unlike Ontario and other provinces. I just can't grapple the latest acts by their government, especially with the extra power they've given the police. Being able to stop and question anyone found outside of their homes/residences is imho, just going beyond necessity and is a perversion of power. I'll respect the advice of the medical professionals and believe that all of that is necessary to quell this virus. But it all still seems radical.

We've been locked down and have followed protocols, yet time and time again, we still face an increase of cases. I would think that if masking up and staying at home doesn't surpress, or stop the virus, then perhaps we should look at other remedies, or move on with life. At some point normality has to be allowed. As it's been said,  even the vaccines can't prevent some strains of this contagion. So the governement can't keep closing businesses and expecting people to remain locked in their homes. Lock downs can be as destructive as this virus. I'm no longer sure about what is worse, hospitals becoming overwhelmened or the lives of some people being destroyed because of the ramifications all these protocols have caused. I just hope an end to all of it is very near.