When they gossip...

19 May, 2024

There are many sayings about gossip, "Gossip dies, when gossip hits a wise person's ears", "If they"re gossiping to you about me, then they'll gossip to me about you", "if gossip were food, many would be over weight".  

When people talk and all they have to say about someone is negative, then you know the problem isn't the person being gossiped about, it's with the gossiper.  People who are kind, and who truly want better for other people, don't spread hate, nor is all they see in someone, negative. They"ll see the good too, and try to encourage others to see that good as well. They'll ask questions, and see all sides of a story, before relating it to another. So many in this industry, especially in the Maritimes, are known for spreading untruths about other escorts they've never met, or whom they've only read about, or heard about, from another escort, or client. It's sad really, and some really seem to enjoy spreading those stories. I've heard many times how "so and so" sad this or that, about me. Yet, I've never met this "so and so" , nor have I ever talked to the person, either. My number is widely published, yet no one has ever called to question me about truths or untruths, or why I've written what I've written, or to ask why I feel the way I do. Which speaks volumes. It tells me that there are some in our industry who enjoy "taking someone down", or who enjoy trying to destroy another person's reputation without knowing the truth, or both sides of said story. In this industry, at least as far as Maritime standards go, if oyu don't see things as your peers do, if you don't promote their favorite board, or duo partner, then your considered troublesome, jealous, dramatic, etc. The problem is never them, lol. "They" never err.

 We are all guilty of talking about other people we've had experiences with, even about those we haven't had experiences with. What I see as problematic, is when you purposely gossip to harm someone, or when you gossip to try and convince others that the person you dislike should be as disliked by others as well. I obviously see no problem with speaking openly about experiences, both negative and positive, which you've had with someone. If you're doing it to explain your side of things, or to simply speak about your experiences. But again, it's not okay if you're doing it to only gain support for your hate or with hopes that your gossip will do the person harm. My experience with a client, lets say, won't be the same as that of another escort. So if I'm saying something negative about that client, it's for a reason. I have no horse in this race. Escorting for me, is for my social entertainment. I don't need x number of followers, duo partners, nor noteriety in this industry, of any kind. I've no interest in gaining a reputation to be known as "Halifax's best", nor do I need to see a certain amount of clients per day/week/month, to meet financial goals. I'll survive nicely without any of it. But ask yourself, could the person gossiping to you about me, do the same? When I speak of others in this industry, it is because my experience with that person I speak of or blog about, has often been misconstrued, lied about, or exaggerated, and it's important for me to make my side clear, or to have it known that a particular client might not be as he represents himself, and could be dangerous. Say what you will about me.... at least I can comfortably say, I don't hide. I author all my comments. Nor do I circumvent truths to gain clients, escort friends, or to gain support of any kind, within this industry. I don't kiss ass....can you say the same?