What the heck....

19 May, 2024

Something is either in the air, or water...I've never received as many idiotic requests, or have I ever had so many rude and entitled asshats contacting me, as I've had in the past month or so. June thus far, has been very disappointing. I hate responding to anyone in a rude and confrontational manner, but sometimes it is what is called for. When someone contacts me and has the audacity to state they've read my requirements but expect me to forgo them because they are inconvenient for them......I just can't refrain from being anything but rude. They don't even have the sense to offer a financial these types are also those who'll even ask for a discount.....grrrrrr

To clarify, all new clients, are expected to call , not text, and that is clearly stated in my ads/website.I accept texts from clients I've met and have had recent (6 months) visits with. Yet day after day, I get texts with "I know you prefer phone calls, but"......"I know you only do incalls, but"....."I know you only see gents over 35", but..... "I see you prefer phone calls, but, I thought I'd email"....etc, etc...BUT? But what? That your an entitled, thoughtless asshole, who has no regard for my needs and thinks they're so special that they deserve an exemption from my requirements, WTF!! Where are all these idiots coming's exhausting and ridiculous. What happened to those who could read and comprehend simple instructions, and who have the respect to respect another persons requests. I hope this isn't a sign of the times.