What makes a date perfect....

19 Apr, 2024

The right man!! And the right man is one who contacts me respectfully, who shows up on time, who's hygiene is impeccable, and who is as happy to meet me as I am him. From there it is all up to where our chemistry and imaginations leads us. 

Typically I'll offer you a beverage, alcoholic or non....( alcohol offered on hourly + dates only)...We'll get comfortable, either with me on your lap, next to you, or sitting close...I want to get to know you some....lets tease each other a bit... while you tell me about your day, your likes, hobbies, etc....I might start caressing you. I might slip off my high heel and slip my foot between your legs, massaging you, tempting you. After you sip your wine I might gently kiss you, tasting you and the wine....I might place your hand on my breast.....foreplay can be fun. After we finish our drinks I might ask to be slowly undressed, or I might undress you, or I might just tell you to get naked..... My mood can fluctuate from dominant to submissiveness......I might offer a massage to start or I might offer one at the end, or both....what happens is guided by my mood, your mood, our chemistry, your responsiveness and our desires....what I can guarantee is, if we're a match, our date will be memorable.....and you'll want more!!