What is community....

17 Apr, 2024

I've often wondered what is meant when I read the term "community" when used by some escorts and clients, most notably on review boards. Are they referring to those they know, those who are members of the review board they belong to, or to all escorts and clients in general?

My understanding of community, is a group of like minded people living near one another, or, who are involved in the same activities, etc. Hmmm, well if that is the case, I hope I'm excluded. Those whom I've seen use the term "community" often are those who play one role online and another role offline. By that I mean, online they represent themselves to be welcoming, helpful, discreet, respectful people. Then you meet them, or communicate with them, and you quickly realize, they're gossipy, trouble makers, who scheme to play games with those they dislike, and create illusions to win over others. They are not community minded, but the complete opposite. 

I appreciate authenticity, and people involved in this industry who resepct it and all those involved in it. Who truly want to be involved in it, because they enjoy it, not just because they need to make extra money or have a need for notoriety or drama. I appreciate people who aren't judgemental, who respect privacy, who don't spread gossip, and who understand that within the escort industry, diversity is needed. Not just those who are like minded, similar looking, similar aged, or who belong to some review board they favor. 

The review board that is commonly used here in the Maritimes, and whose members often refer to as a "community", is known to have members who've stolen clients money, clients who've been abusive, escorts who've plagerized other members material, who've outed other escorts, who enjoy spreading malicious gossip,  some who have a desparate need to be seen as being better than, and who have other unfavorable and unsavory characteristics. If these types of people are considered "community", then I'm so thankful to be unassociated with them. I see that one of their most vindictive was recently given money for sex worker day. Imagine giving a woman known for belittlling, mocking and outing other escorts, being rewarded by a review board.....the actions on that board are so often laughable and sad!! I can't wait for that interview, lol!!