What does being discreet mean.....

When I book a client and ask him to be discreet, I expect......

when coming to my locale ......It should be common sense that most escorts/providers use aliases. So if you were to encounter a neighbour upon entering my locale and if they were to ask "are you visitng (insert my real name)" you don't say no, I'm visiting Cristy! Just say yes and carry on.....You never use any providers name when in a public setting. Outside of our dates, we are strangers to you. So please refrain from even noticing us in public or using our aliases. Some of us work from our homes, and anyone within earshot hearing someone calling us a name different to our own, will arise suspicion, don't do that to anyone!!

If you become confused about which building or street you're looking for, don't circle around, or wander about looking lost. Pull over somewhere discreet and call me to get further instructions, or to clarify the ones given. Walking up and down a street, talking on a phone, looking and or going to the wrong doors, looks suspicious and will alert someone to your activity. I don't want that, you shouldn't want that either, so pay attention, when details are given!!.

NEVER, EVER, share any providers locale with anyone. How would you like it if we shared your information? Discretion means keeping things between you and I ONLY, and "things" mean EVERYTHING!

I have noticed recent comments, reviews, posted about me. I DO NOT appreciate those! Even the most flattering ones. Posting anything about our encounter anywhere, goes against all principles of discretion. I expect discretion always!!

Use your big head gentlemen when visiting. And understand that being quiet, and inconspicuous is important, thank you!