Well well......

19 May, 2024

In continuance to this blog....

  Emily Rushton reacted by posting the tweet I included here in the picture........She said that I'm a lazy bimbo, with a failing business, lol. And that I should act like an adult and concentrate on myself instead of starting a "war" with her.....HMMMM, a war? So lets break this down. I intially called her pompous, then uppity & now, stuck up, lol. I said she had treated me curtly, and that she had also sent out anonymous emails to many of us a few years ago with malicious details about another escort, all in an effort to ruin that escort. All of what I said is true. So she now feels right in threatening me on twitter! That is what she thinks acting like an adult entails? LOL, okay!!! Well, perhaps she is the whackadoodle some claim her to be.....along with being a curt, uppity, phony bitch, that is. It is funny how she thinks she can sit back and throw punches, make presumptions, promote keeping me of platforms and not expect me to hit back, and then when I do, she threatens me and incites a war? so I will add to my thoughts of her,  that she is also obviously delusional. 

If you are reading this, Emily, you are to far up your own ass to realize that making a post about you, writing a few comments, is not "concentrating on you" or "inciting a war" thoughts of you lasted as long as it took me to write them. It seems though, that you are threatened by those very short thoughts, so threatened that you lash back with a threat........LOL!!!And if I'm so "pathetic", and have "a failing business", why would anything I say even bother you?........  Well, may have some in your corner who'll kiss your ass and jump when you say jump, and believe the act you put on, know this, there are also many who know you for what you really are, and just how low you will stoop to get your pay back for what ever you deem worthy of pay back. Your threats to me mean nothing. I'll face you any day, anytime, and any of the sorry fools you'll convince to join you on your revenge..........So you #fuckoff you transparent fool.

......So just a little more of her hypocritical bullshit.... Years ago Emily griped about how I had copied some of her words from a thread on lyla, and used them in my blog to make a point. After I did that, she prattled on about how that was copyright infringement, how wrong it was, yada, yada, yada, yet one of her little  minions, (as shown in my next blog) copy and pasted my blog  onto lyla......that was apparently was okay with Emily, lol,... see the hypocrisy, lol. Apparently it is only copyright infringement when it concerns Emily's material.....Funny to watch them get all stirred up, by the words from this as they call me "ole washed up Halifax bimbo", LMAO!!!