Well it was expected....

19 May, 2024

My twitter account had exceeded 6500 followers, so it was expected to be compromised at some point. By whom, I'll probably never know, but I'll say this... I've been outed, had to relocate my incall, I've been verbally threatened (over the phone), have had degrading threads on review boards written about me. So having my twitter account hacked, isn't such a surprise. Some people just can't stand to see someone they dislike, doing something successfully, and doing it happily. So I created another twitter @cristyofHalifax...lets see how long this one will last, lol. I'm not sure when some people will learn, but isn't it obvious that you can't knock me down permanently. I get back up each time, dust myself off and I become stronger and more resilient. Life is good, and each day is another day to win, to enjoy, and to face and **overcome** any challenges that come my way. :) See you on twitter, leolist,, in google search under (Halifax escorts),,,,, topescortbabes. com,,, and many other sites on which I advertise, lol.