We can do better....

13 Jun, 2024

This blog refers to this thread on twitter..... 

I believe anyone with a vested interest in this industry has the duty to speak honestly and openly about the good and bad of it. We need to weed out the bad apples, to call out those who are abusive who enjoy spreading lies and gossip. We, as escorts/providers, should want all our peers to succeed, and all respectful clients to enjoy whomever they choose to see. We should see our peers not as competitors, but as partners. No one should feel better than, we are, after all, all doing the same things, just in different ways, in different places, for different rewards. Stop perpetuating myths such as having multiple reviews makes any provider better, or that wearing certain name brand shoes or lingerie, means that the provider/escort is then more successful, or worthy of being seen. Elevate one another, embrace the differences in each, and understand we all have different needs. No one is better than, just different:)  Professionalism should be determined by how a provider manages their business, treats their clients, on how they support their peers and how they respect discretion. Not because of how much money they're making, or because of who they see, or duo with or because of their goals..... Clients need to be called out, when their actions are injurious to any professional provider, without just cause. Any client or escort who's aim is to "ruin" an escort/provider just because they dislike them, needs to be confronted.The pettiness of anyone trying to ruin anyone because of not liking their service, looks, who they partner with, or attitude, is just that, petty. We should want to get rid of the thieves, scam artists, those who are trouble makers and the trolls, not those you "just don't like". We are adults, and we all need to start acting as such. This business can be tough, draining, and without reward. Lets not make it more so for anyone trying their best to do better for themselves and others.

If you're a provider here sre some things you can do to be supportive...

Charge a justifiable rate. Which means a rate appropriate for the times (2022), the economy, etc. Not because you're trying to undercut your peers.

If you have a good client who is seeking a change( wanting to see someone else), recommend not just those you do duo's with or like, reco those escorts who'll meet his needs, or whom you know are also professional and will treat him well.

If when speaking to other escorts or clients and gossip about another is brought up, stop it before it becomes the topic of your conversation. If someone is talking to you about someone, they'll talk to someone about you.

If one of your peers needs help with anything, social media, website building, crypto currency, references, etc, help them if you can. We all have knowledge and talents for different things, share that when you can. Paying it forward comes with great rewards and satisfaction and offer help for free if you can, not everyone is thriving.

If someone is asking for financial , or mental health help, don't look down on them, offer some, or a referral to someone who might help. We all struggle from time to time, that doesn't make anyone weaker, nor does it mean they're not successful. It just means they need some help at the moment. Remember abundance comes and goes, and life is never *always* rosey.

If you're a client here are some tips for you....

If you are a review board member, use those forums respectfully and honestly, as they're intended. Intially, I believe they had good intentions, that they were set up as a way to elevate providers, and for likeminded people in the industry to learn about and grow the community. A complete opposite to what they are today.

If you've met a provider you didn't like, simply because of their looks, or because the chemistry wasn't there, move on. Posting that you didn't like their face, body, etc, is of what benefit? It helps no one, and can harm the provider. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.....and when chemistry between two people isn't there, it's no ones fault. Chemistry is either there or it's not, it can't be created. 

If you can't  afford a proviers rate, find someone you can afford. When everything else increases our rates have to also, and you should expect that. To hope we'll charge less, or claiming that a provider is "to expensive" is just rude and inappropriate. Some things will always be out of your reach, reach for what is within your budget and be understanding to those with increasing rates.

Stop pushing reviews. Stop believing they've any proof of anything other than that provider has possibly seen the clients who've written them. I say possibly, because there are those who write reviews for escorts as favors, or those who write them for themselves, etc, etc. It's a system that is full of flaws and anyone who says that reviews are a necessity for success, is mistaken. If you and your provider are set on having them, then write them realistically and honestly. Don't say that this provider is the "Best", unless you've seen every provider out there. Make comments that are realistic and helpful to others.....such as they're safe to see, their incall is near/far, in a safe area, that they were clean, ontime, professional, looked like their pics, and provided the service/s discussed, etc. However, it is my opinion the best help any escort can receive from any client are return visits and generous tips. Praise is lovely, but you can't take that to the bank. And what you shared with said provider, will never be the same for another client. You can't duplicate chemistry, nor is your ideal of beauty necessarily someone elses.....

Read our media (ads/websites, socials).Be respectful, speak articulately. Follow our protocols, and remember we require discretion also!!

Lets all do better, I''m trying, I hope you will too.