Wake up Scotians!!

Did you forget that back in 2014 it was the conservatives that criminalized those who sought to purchase sexual services and aspects of selling those services! Do you really want more of that style of government. Do you truly believe that the government belongs in our bedrooms?

My lifestyle and those whom I live it with are no more criminal than anyone else. The types of gentlemen I visit with are respectful, hard working, tax paying responsible citizens who pose no more problems by seeking out someone like me than any other consumer does. My industry no more creates sexual deviants than do the movies, or any other genre of entertainment. The conservatives and their morals are far more deviant and calculated to harm people, than I or any of my clients. To want to wipe out a whole industry, to eliminate trafficking is as nonsensical as wanting to remove religion to wipe out wars......well perhaps that might work and so wasn't the best example,lol. 

Sex doesn't create or encourage deviant behaviors......those who promote this notion are often deviant themselves, behind closed doors. Think before you vote....the conservatives aren't the answer........nor is wiping out an industry to stop the crimes committed within it.