Use your tongue....

19 May, 2024

I bet you thought this was going to be a blog about cunnilingus,, it's about nipple stimulation. 

My large, soft and eager breasts are always ready to be devoured by a hungry man. My nipples are very sensitive and enjoy lots of attention. I"d love you to cup my breasts gently, and to suck my nipples firmly. A gentle nibble too, can send waves of erotic pleasure throughout my body. It will drive me crazy with desire and a need to fill my mouth full of you. I'll suck, lick and worship your cock, teasing it's tip with my hardened, suckled nipples, until you are as erect as they are and you beg me to fill my wet eager pussy full of your stiffened cock....thats when I'll mount you and ride you until you explode inside of me.....yes baby suck my nipples, I'll reward you well for doing so.