19 May, 2024

I threw up in my mouth after reading this subject, "First or last", and no surprise of course it was written by a hobbyist and on a review board. It was a thread asking if a client of escorts should be the escorts first or last?.....Grrr....of course it would take the mindset of a hobbyist to think that we'd be some how "fresher" if seen first, or somehow less desireable, or less worthy, if seen last. Good lord, some guys have warped brains. As a professional escort I book my clients appropriately. If I were to see 3 gents in a day I'd be as fresh and prepared for the third as I'd be for the first. Then one of that boards longest members and who is most likely well past 50 yrs of age, of course responds with a comment about his needs for early morning weekend appointments and all the "young 20 + escorts" wouldn't be available to him because they'd be out partying on Friday evenings, boo hoo, hoo.....and they wouldn't answer their phones on a Saturday morning.....Good lord......

Aren't we lucky to have review boards ( I say that with the most amount of sarcasm I can muster), who'll post such trash to feed the mindsets of men so daft about the female anatomy I bet some would believe that an escort who sees clients daily, becomes looser with each one she agrees to have intercourse with. Aren't we lucky to have review boards where men who are old enough to be grandfathers are supported and congratulated for chasing girls young enough to be their grand daughters......Ugh!!!