13 Jun, 2024

Quote- " I hope XXX is legit as we need more variety in Halifax. Hopefully she helps drive down the cost a little as I find Halifax very expensive comared to other places in Canada"

This is a quote from a guy on a review board. And typical it is to those who post there. It just shows how little respect and appreciation this guy has for sex workers. Inflation is the highest it's been since the 80's. Costs of everything have risen, and all he can hope for is that we make less, so he can get his dick sucked for cheaper!!! GRRRRRR. 

So let me school you Mr. cheapo....The service we provide is a luxury. It isn't a necessity for life. It is a treat. If you can't afford it, don't buy it, or go make more money! Many of us set our rates in conjunction with the economy, and costs of operating. NOT to satisfy your cheapness, nor your budget. To hope that we all make less because someone has decided to offer lower rates, is disrespectful, selfish and thoughtless. But typical to the thought processes of some review board idiots. 

My last bit of advice for you and your like.....If you're to broke to afford us, move on and quit whining about what you can't afford......if you're not broke then.....As one of my twitter followers said...."put a crowbar in your wallet and pry it open"