13 Jun, 2024

Some of you may know that I enjoy twitter and that I tweet regularly. It's a rich resource of a variety of topics, easy to use and something to do while I sip my morning tea, lol. This one article which I cam upon this morning, pushed my buttons.....I'm sick of seeing, hearing about and reading about those given privilege because of their religious beliefs. I'm all for helping people. For wanting those downtrodden to be afforded the opportunities the rest of us are afforded. But I draw the line, when you impose hardships upon yourself because of a "God" you've decided to believe in! ......Well my religion, and my God told me that I have a right to own a home, and that I should own one for free.....( Note my sarcasm)

 And speaking specifically about Halal.....isn't it odd that those who follow it's practices, will turn to science and not their God when it comes to defending how they saughter their animals. They'll justify slicing an animals throat as being humane by referring to scientific quotes which supports the notion that their slaughter practices are no more inhumane then conventional slaughter practices....You mean their "God" telling them so isn't proof enough? (Note my sarcasm)...Interesting how they'll justify, demand, support, etc, many things because of, or based on their religion. Yet to validate, and to try and prove their points, they'll refer to science...#hypocrites