Twitter thread...

14 Jul, 2024

It is this twitter thread that spurred this blog....  and thank you Asha for speaking out about this.

I too have been made to feel as you have, by other escorts and clients. What I don't get is, if they feel so ashamed of or unfulfilled by this profession, why then do they take part in it? What happened to acceptance and understanding?

It's my opinion that this thought process is another supported by and perpetuated by review/reco boards and those who frequent them. I can't count the number of times I've seen written or heard spoken on boards, that escorting is for a particular age demographic, that it should only be a stepping stone, and not a career, that successful escorts makes x amount, that ones worth is equal to ones popularity, etc, etc. Believe what you want, but if you're going to believe something that is injurious to someone then perhaps your beliefs should be kept to yourself, or perhaps you should rethink why you're an escort, or frequenting one. 

We should want those we group with, patronize, know, follow or work with, to be happy and successful. And that isn't something we should define for anyone. Finding a way to support oneself that you can look forward to and which sustains your lifestyle is a great achievement and should be congratulated, not criticized or judged. 

So my fellow ladies and gentlemen lets be more accepting and understanding.....

For those curious....I've had other careers, have a few talents and a couple of other skilled trades.....yet I've always come back to escorting.Why?... It fulfills my finacial, sexual, and social reqiurements. Most of the time I look forward to seeing the clients I book, I feel I'm very good at it, I'm comfortable doing it and even if I won the lottery, I can honestly say, I'd still, every now and then, post an Some of us are meant for this and some aren't, just like any other profession. So whether you do this for a week, 6 months or 20+ yrs, do it with pride and respect your peers and or those you patronize. Thank you.