Today's funny tweet....


We're not like other review boards
Our priorities are:
- Keeping the community safe
- Banishing misogyny
- Breaking the stigma
- Remaining positive
- Providing a free service for Providers and Clients

When lyla tweeted this^ today^ I had spit out my tea laughing........How do they think they keep this community safe? And they are exactly like any other review board, identical in fact, other than having a different name!!

Apprently they've forgotten their priorities.......

 ALL review boards pander to clients who are long term hobbyists and who chase after newbie escorts to mold them into the types of escorts that suit their needs. Review boards don't exist to better escorting, they exist for their own revenue. They promote who is most popular all while disregarding who needs their help the most. One ass kisses the other, is the routine, decade after decade, and escort after escort, client after client. The escorts and some clients change/come & go, but the same ol shtick continues......

They allow guys to go on their site and post warnings of random escorts, the problem with that, is *NONE* of those warnings have been proven, or are even questioned. As we all are aware, many in this industry are spiteful and will post stuff just to be vindictive. So allowing random "warnings", endangers some escorts, and unfairly ruins others. Lyla does nothing to keep the community safe, other than prattle on about how they do things to "keep the community safe". They support and encourage escorts who are privileged members, yet do nothing to help those who are just surviving. Any review board is designed and operated to cater to "privileged" escorts and clients who can afford them......They allow members to berate other non-members/members, albeit, passive aggressively..... they allow members to spread rumors, and make false accusations which they allow posted on their site and they seem to enjoy and encourage that behavior. They allow and encorage the same male members who've been there for decades, to post gobbly gook about how we should provide our services, what we should charge, how to dress, etc, etc. Clients have a right to have a perspective, but they have no business making comments which are designed to be "how to's" about how we should run our business, or where we should advertise, or how, etc..... They encourage those same members to create threads displaying women in various skimpy attires, and this is problematic because the threads never display diversity or do anything to project positivity or encourage inclusion among women. The women are always the same shape, color, sizes and ages. How is that being positive or breaking stigma...Many of lylas members are misogynists, they may not display their misogyny overtly on lyla, but that sites administrators are aware of the crap those members display on other crap sites like sp411, yet they allow, even encourage those members to post. Lyla's only saving grace is that they allow their escort members to post ads for free.....And for that some of those escorts kiss lyla's ass, and the male members asses, lol. All in all, it is funny to watch. And it's even funnier when a site that is so full of hypocrisy, tries to differentiate itself from something it is exactly like....Alas....It is the curse of some to be blind to their own faults and in turn create an illusion of good deeds...........Thankfully some of us have good vision.

AND!!!!....Anyone who uses the term "community" when referring to the escort industry should understand that term is meant to represent inclusivity, all escorts/clients. Not just those within your clique, those you like, those whom you feel are worthy of belonging, or those who are members of your board.