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I was skimming over her blog and, I have to say, for someone who hates review boards she sure visits them a lot. There's toxicity in this industry from escorts and hobbyists alike, but if you that's all you focus on it's going to skew your perception of things. Attitude plays a big part of my enjoyment of a lady's company and I imagine plenty of other guys are the same way. I'm not sure how she plans to have repeat clientele or have a mutually enjoyable experience with said clients if she has a giant chip on her shoulder. By the way, the pictures on her website are amazing!
My reply-
Firstly, thanks for "skimming" through my blog. I've "skimmed" through your posts too and it seems you too carry a chip often and appear to have "a need to know" attitude about many people who you'll never meet, or who will never want to meet you. Allow me to offer you some advice, don't make conclusions/deductions or assumptions about people you know nothing about, or towards those who you've assumed to know by "skimming" through their blog/s. That makes you appear nosey, gossipy and just looking for drama.......which, btw, many of your posts do indicate.....however, to respond to your comment, I definitely do visit review boards often, it's in my best interest to do so, to know what is going on, being said, and by whom. I keep track of everything that has an effect on the business I enjoy and which I've been a part of for decades. Review boards always have been and always will be an issue with me, as I've seen and experienced the negative effects they've brought into this business. I can speak to that because I've been around since before their popularity and after, and I will continue to speak about them, here in my blog and on any other social media platforms I choose. As far as how I and my clients enjoy our time......You've no need to  worry or have any concern about my clients, repeaters, and one timers, I do fine with and enjoy both. It's probably best that you keep your concerns for people you do know, and who "might" be willing to meet you, I'm not one of them. Lets hope you don't spend your paid time with escorts gossiping, like you are here.  
Vegeta's comment-quote-
Well yeah she blogs about other things. I'm saying she spends too much time thinking about the drama and toxicity on escort forums in my opinion.
My reply-
What makes you think anyone cares about what "you are saying". Yes I blog about many things, and my time is to spend as I choose. Might I suggest before you criticize me for as you say "spending to much time thinking about drama and toxicity on review forums" you stop creating more drama and toxicity with your unnecessary comments and posts...... Worry about the amount of time you spend sticking your nose into other peoples business. 
Vegetas comment-quote-
She responded to me via her blog, so I'll reply back. You missed the point of my comment, Christy. You have every right to see whoever you want and to screen your clients. I want you, and all escorts for that matter, to be safe and feel secure and comfortable doing your work. All I meant is why spend so much time looking at escort review bords when you hate them so much? It just seems counterproductive and unhealthy. Just my opinion though, I wish you well.
My reply-
I didn't miss your point, you clearly didn't read my response. So I'll say it again.....Review boards affect my business, they have negatively impacted this industry. Which I have blogged about, and will continue to do so..... it would be stupid of me to ignore what goes on them. It is wise for anyone in any business to follow and keep track of all media which posts about said business. It would also be stupid of me not to keep track of what specific members are up to. Since specific members are some of those I try to avoid. The escort industry is my business, so I will keep track of all that goes on within it. What is your excuse for doing the exact same thing?.....  Ask yourself, why you've a need to spend so much time posting on the boards. Ask yourself, why you need to stick your nose into my, and other peoples business, when clearly we'll never meet, I can assure you of that. Ask yourself, why you criticize other people for doing exactly what you are here doing. Ask yourself, why you are so concerned about what  someone you don't know, thinks about. Ask yourself, why you've a constant need to comment on threads that have no need for your input.......Now please stay out of my business, and learn to read....thanks.