Tipping take.

17 Apr, 2024

Well, escorts are sellers and clients are buyers, all within a service related affair.So........

 Do I expect tips....I've learned never to expect anything. That way I'm never disappointed. Do I think clients should tip...yes. That is, if they have found the service to have met and or surpassed their standards. Do I dislike clients that don't tip, of course not. Do I show those who do, more attention/ affection, better service, no. My service is reflective of many things, namely, the chemistry I feel towards you. I am one who provides a truly authentic date. So whether you buy a 1/2 or multiple hours of my time, and tip or not, you'll receive service reflective of our compatibility, chemistry, and your actions towards me.

If you tip, the oercentage matter. As it is those that speak to how much you enjoyed the service, imo. If you've spent 2 hrs with me, you've spent 600$ if you tip me 20$.....that isn't saying much about my service. I'll appreciate the gesture...the thought, but truthfully giving 20 on 600, could be misconstrued as an insult, if it wasn't meant to be one.

I am in a service industry and even tho my industry is unique in every way, it is still a service and it is common to tip a service provider. Do you have to? Of course not. Could you tip by giving a gift, yes, and that too is up to you. Remember tips are a gesture to say thank you, I appreciate you and your service. But don't feel pressured or regrettful if you haven't tipped, or you cannot afford too. Most of us understand that some just can't.

Our time together is a transactional affair. So lets face it, $$$ speak volumes but so do your actions within that purchased time. How I react to you, shows you just how much chemistry I've felt towards you donate to me, shows me just how much you've appreciated my efforts. No hurt feelings either way. Sometimes things work, sometimes they don't. Some times gents tip, sometimes they don't.

To those who feel we make enough, therefore, we shouldn't require tips....or who to those who post on review boards with comments like,  "our rates are high enough".....perhaps you should rethink your finances. Perhaps you need to earn more, or seek out a different type of pleasure, one which you can afford and don't have to gripe about. 

 Who could ever make **to** much!!When a person allows you such intimacy and indulgences, why would you ever think it okay to deny them more benefit for that? Who is anyone to say what our worth is besides the ones charging for it. We are a luxury market, and no matter how many are selling in this market, no matter how low or high some may charge, it is still a market in which only the seller determines their value. To question that value, or to comment towards it, speaks volumes as too how much you respect those selling within this industry. Again, this is a luxury market, not a necessity, nor a right to have. It is a service provided within a purchased alloted amount of time. Giving extra $$ for that service is a non verbal way of saying thank you.  Or you can also just give a hug, say thanks and return for another the end, sincerrity too is a nice tip.