This is the wrong way to meet me!!  To go on a review board which I dislike to ask "if anyone has been with me recently" will CERTAINLY not win you a date with me. If you call me twice and leave no voicemail, then post on a public board asking if I'm still active, you will CERTAINLY not win an opportunity to meet with me. Most people with any common sense realize that there are times when a phone call cannot be answered, so they leave a voicemail with call back instructions! I work sporadically, I'm very part time, as this website explains, so I do miss lots of calls. When I'm not working, my phone is off and put away. But I do check it once a day, usually at the end of the day, so if you leave your details, name, date requests, call back details, in a voicemail, I'll return your call with 24-48hrs. It's not complicated. BUT to be so indiscreet, impatient and tacky, to ask publically if anyone has been with me recently, I find, is beyond abhorrent! I am anti review, anti review board, and I expect anyone who has met me, or who wants to meet, to respect my privacy, by keeping my name and details off those boards and not for public fodder. I offer all my clients absolute discretion, so it should be expected, they offer me the same respect!!

So........., I think it best you reach out to another escort who doesn't mind having people discussing publicly, who've been with them recently. I'm not interested!!

I'm fed up with the foolishness these review boards create. I don't need some guy posting on a board how wonderful he thinks, or thought having sex with me was. Or how beautiful he thinks, or thought I was, or how others should or shouldn't "run" to see me. I know I'm attractive, I know I'm intelligent, I know I provide excellent services. I don't need anyone to affirm any of that! Nor do I want to meet with those who require affirmations in order to confirm if meeting an escort is worthwhile. If you're a client of escorts who likes to write reviews, but expects those escorts to keep your privacy private, you're a hypocrite. Discretion works both ways!!