The perpetuation of industry myths....

As with many other negative aspects of the escorting industry, untrue myths too are often perpetuated on review boards......

Some of the myths are....

If an escort changes their name, or any part of their brand, ( media/looks/advertising), etc, that is a red flag and they should be avoided-MYTH, and untrue. It's not uncommon for escorts to change their names, and other aspects of their brand. For some of us, change is fun, especially for those of us who've been around for more than a couple of months or years. Some people embrace change, others don't. That doesn't mean those of us who change anything are to be avoided, or thought of as suspect. People change over time, so why shouldn't their names, etc. Unless an escort has a nefarious past, then there is no reason to question or to be suspicious of any changes an escorts decides to make.

An escort with a higher rate/fee, is a better escort-MYTH and untrue. Escorts from all price levels can be great escorts. It's up to you to research the escort you choose, to determine their greatness, professionalism and too find YOUR perfect match. Only then can you determine if that escort is great for YOU.

Trashy escorts advertise on certain sites, and classy escorts on other sites- MYTH and untrue. An advertising platform no more determines the class of an escort, than does the shoes they wear. Escorts choose to advertise where they do for a myriad of reasons. To judge an escort by where they advertise is shortsighted and foolish.

Having a large number of positive reviews means an escort is better, more relevant-MYTH and untrue. There are escorts, like myself, who don't want and don't allow reviews. And there are escorts who garner reviews in dishonest ways, by offering discounts for them, or other favors. There are also people in our industry who use the review system to unfairly elevate, or to unfairly devalue those they like or dislike. Some reviews are also written by clients who haven't even seen the escort they claim to have seen. It is a system that is severly flawed, and has as much dishonesty, as honesty, involved within it. Remember, reviews are opinions, and like assholes, everyone has one, so take them with a grain of salt. 

Escorts who've been around a long time are still around because they can't make enough money- MYTH and untrue. Yes, there are some who are silly enough to believe this is true, lol. The truth is....there are escorts out there who truly like what they do and escorting is their "thing". So they continue doing it. I fall into this category. When you find something that works for you as a source of income, entertainment, and erotic pleasure, why change it? You should only change it when it becomes tiresome, no longer brings in income, or when you start to dislike it.

If so and so says something, it must be true. Not necessarily a myth. But some put unwarranted relevancy on what certain people within our industry, say. Some people believe that if a particular client, or escort, who's considered established, says something, then it must be true. In this industry it is always best to ONLY believe what YOU see, hear, and experience. Often times, things are said with an underlying agenda, and many often speak about stuff they've heard, and not personally seen or experienced. So it's always best to avoid people or the comments made by anyone who has a penchant for gossiping about others, or who regualrly garner information from sources they've no  personal connection with, and rely on only what you've personally experienced and know to be true.

An unsatisfactory, or dissatisfying date/session/experience, means the escort you experienced it with is no good. MYTH-and untrue. As long as you weren't ripped off, robbed, beaten up, or experienced other nefarious actions, then your negative experience could have been caused by many factors. To understand why, you could have an honest discussion with that escort, and try another session, or just move onto another escort who may be more suited to your personality, and needs. Not all escorts are meant for all clients, and vice versa. This is another reason why reviews aren't often helpful. Whats magic for one, can often be disenchanting to another, and vice versa.

Escorts without professional photo shoots aren't professional, or shouldn't be considered as high end....MYTH and untrue. I've never had a pro photo shoot, and have always done quite well. I believe as long as your pictures are depictive of your in person looks, then that is all that should matter. Although, I'm aware there are those clients who only seek out escorts with professionally done photos. To that I say....To each their own:)

If Mr. Fancy pants saw an escort, than that escort is fancy too-MYTH and untrue. The fact remains that affluent, well heeled clients, see all different types of escorts. I believe some escorts are disillusioned into believing that if they wear a certain type of clothing, advertise on certain sites, and only interact with other like minded/similar looking, or similarily styled escorts, that specific clients with contact ONLY them or their type. Not so. Again, there are many affluent clients who like a variety of escorts and that variety is not extended to only similar escorts, it's more often extended to escorts who are dissimilar to the regular ladies they see. They'll seek out escorts who are from all rate levels, with differing body shapes, ages, and styles. As some say, "variety is the spice of life".

As I said before, everyone, including myself, experiences this industry, and the interactions within it in their own ways, leading us to have strong opinions and ideals as to how things should and shouldn't be done. I suggest you form your own opinions from the experiences you have, from what you've seen with your eyes, and heard with your ears, and not someone else's. And try not to judge anyone. We all have reasons for doing what we do.....lets try and be accepting and understanding towards those reasons, pertaining that those reasons are from good intentions.