The "ole" U S of A

With many states now criminalizing those who perform abortions, it does seem that we are going back to the days of old. I'm grateful for many reasons to be a Canadian. But take note, often what happens in the ole U S of A often filters into our country. I saw this post on twitter and was surprised it didn't surprise me. (( quote)):So today I (I is Mistress matisse) learned that now, when you open a new bank account, they make you sign a form swearing that you are not an adult entertainer. SWEARING. To be allowed basic access to a banking system. There’s not any differentiation between legal/illegal adult entertainer, either.((end quote)) anyone in the entertainment industry isn't acceptable to banks?.............albeit I'm sure if you were/are a Russian mobster, that'd be fine!! How backwards and discriminatory, how insane!!