The industry.....

19 May, 2024

After a couple of decades in and out of this industry, in all it's aspects, I will say, it's been a hell of a ride. I've had lots of fun, but because of it, I've also endured some very painful hardships. I've been finacially successful, but also financially irresponsible. My ability to make a lot and to do that time and time again, year after year, led me to some very reckless spending. Which taught me some valuable lessons. Through the ups and downs of this industry I've learned lots about myself, my resilience, and lots about other people, their motives and just how vindictive, catty and petty some can be. My biggest mistake was believing what the trolls, jealous competitors and hate mongers spewed. How I reacted to all of that was also wrong. But again, living through all that has been a teaching moment, has helped me grow and it shone a light on many seedy souls, who were and are masquerading as professional people within this industry. So to all of them, I say thank you for all you have taught me.

To those entering into this biz, I'd say...... be honest with yourself about what you want to attain and achieve, and for how long you want to remain an escort. Whether that be for short term, a long term career, or if you decide it to become your lifestyle. That is only for you to decide. There is no right or wrong length of time. Please don't let other people make decisions for you, nor allow anyone to define you, but yourself. Market yourself wisely and advertise often and on as many platforms as you can find. Find your niche. That maybe as full service worker(independent), a dominatrix, a dancer, agency owner, masseuse, phone sex operator, or online media creator, etc. This is most important. If you hate doing sex work, or if you are doing it for money only, that will resonate, if not intially, it will eventually, that is inevitable. I believe it is those who do sex work, and who hate doing it, who'll end up most harmed by it. If you fnd you hate it, find something else, or seek out a different aspect of this industry that you might enjoy better. I'd recommend not showing your face in your advertising, remember the internet has a very long memory, and society isn't friendly to those of us who choose this industry, regardless if we enjoy and are proud of it. If you have future plans of other ventures outside of sex work, the repercussions of having a past involved in sex work, could lead to some future loses.Those loses may be housing, job/career, volunteering, belonging to clubs/groups/organizations, friends, family, etc. I'd also recommend never showing full, or even partial nudes, unless you're being paid for them. Once you expose yourself for free, it's hard to then go to charging for media/visuals that are already out there.Once you've been seen nude, you've been seen nude. Word your ads articulately, professionally, and describe yourself how you want to be seen, not as some might see you. Build a website, and add all the information you want your clients to know, within it. Display your best pictures in it, and those can be professionally taken or selfies, both are acceptable. Write a little about yourself, a bio, your likes, dislikes, what you expect from clients, and the types of services you offer, and the rates you expect for those services, and remember your rates are for you only to decide. Your feedback, the inquiries you receive, will be all over the map, don't take any of them to heart. Be resilient, develop a thick skin, and always, always, trust your instinct. You'll attract all kinds of people, some of those will want to demean you, others will try to control you, others will want to use you. Some will befriend you. Think of yourself first, and foremost. That isn't being selfish, that is taking care of yourself. Be thoughtful of others, but put your needs first. Be giving, but give to yourself first. Be genuine with your clients, treat them well, your staying power is dependant on repeat business. When I say be genuine, that doesn't necessarily mean you have to be "you", you can have a persona. Just be true to whatever persona you depict. Most importantly, only divulge the information about yourself you are comfortable with everyone knowing. People gossip, people lie, people exaggerate. Be especially wary of anyone telling you about other people. If they are gossiping to you about someone, they will gossip to others about you. Don't fall prey to review boards. Nor the belief that you need reviews, or people posting publicly about how great you are for you to be relevent. Your are great, if people can't see that through your advertising, and from meeting you, then change those. You are your best advertiser and advocate. Not the word of others, or some guy who thinks public boasting, or demeaning is necessary. Most good clients don't partake in review boards. They want and respect complete discretion. Long term clients, the repeat guys, don't peruse the internet for other peoples opinions of an escort. They choose an escort, then peruse that escorts media to ensure that escort is what they're looking for. If there is chemistry, they return. If not they move onto someone better suited to their needs. They don't go and vent on a review board. Best of luck, and I hope your journey is one paved with positive experiences and many exciting moments.