The immaturity of the mature...

13 Jun, 2024

Those who take part on review boards claim to be adults, as most boards like to purport they vet their members to be sure of them being of legal age....Yet if they're mature.....

Why do so many of them feel the need to disparage a persons name, and or demean a persons appearance, simply because their thoughts differ? Why can't people just respectably disagree?

Why can't those who demand discretion also offer it?

Why do some  "guys" find it necessary to publicly discuss a womans physical attributes, positively, and or negatively, then rate them? 

Why do older men think it flattering to publicly lament about how gorgeous someone half their age, or younger is....or speak publicly about what sexual acts they'd like to, or have performed on those same people ....?

Why is it considered flattering to have someone publicly compliment how good a person is in bed and which acts they perform best? Why isn't intimacy kept intimate and that privacy respected ? Do you really think telling me how good I suck your cock, is a compliment?.....

Why do so many turn a blind eye to those "guys" who ignore and or circumvent all the rules put in place by escorts, and or the platforms the escorts advertise on?

Why do so many engaged in a profession which heralds discretion, act indiscreet?

Why do so many praise a review board that owns an advertising platform which does everything to make their advertising more expensive, and nothing to rid itself of scammers to help ensure it's advertisers are their priority? Why condemn the advertising platform, yet praise the review board, when both are the same company? 

Why do so many think it alright to publicly announce any escorts misdeeds, and then justify ruining her reputation, yet also justify hiding the clients misdeeds in order to protect the clients privacy?

Why....because this is the mentality and actions encouraged and taught by those who run/own, pander to, and belong to review boards. 

Review boards are self serving cess pools of misogyny, bias, misinformation, bullying, outings, gossip, favortism, and intentional lies......and those boards are a detriment to our industry. 

If you want our industry to improve, you rid it of review boards and those who pander to them.