Another review board know it all Quote-

I think this covid-19 situation has exacerbated a pre-existing problem for the industry.----- suggestion for tweaking your screening may help. The first time I met Allie she had recently been dealing with no-shows and requested I send her a pic with a specific hand gesture and location to confirm my bona fides. Worked fine and I always try to see her when she passes through Ottawa. win-win.

While I recognize----- reminder that we're dealing with people I believe this industry doesn't quite parallel the automotive industry - the mechanics don't have to clean the grease off their face and a double booking doesn't mean both clients can't be served, although perhaps not in the expected timely manner. 

I have concern for the stress having revealed a room number causes. I would discourage that. Maybe meet a client in the lobby or meet them at the bar and then escort them to the room? I'll defer to the advice of SP's who have suggestions and maybe that advice is best shared in the private SP area available on this board. A selfie, showing clothing, texted from the lobby of a hotel (or even from home hours earlier) would make a client readily identifiable for a preliminary rendezvous. I realize this doesn't eliminate the issue of having prepared for the session and possibly having turned down other suitors for that time slot - yet still a step in a better direction.

As ----- noted above, this problem affects both sides of this industry, though for the SP's, much more so.

Ladies and gents: leolist is rarely our friend. Lyla usually is.          (apologies for the comma splices :) )-end quote 

 ^Do some of these prolific review board grovelers not realize how hypocritical their posts are.....I'm speaking about the last line of Waterat's post, which I've highlighted in red.....Is he not aware that Leolist is supported by "Lyla" and that Leolist supports Lyla. They advertise one another...... One is much the same as the other. They are both advertising platforms, albeit, Lyla is different because it gives to much credence to the opinions of guys who think they know it all about escorting, much like this "Waterat". He may know about client situations, but please know how tiring it is for escorts to hear "clients" discuss issues that only we experience. ....It is also tiring to hear of and or read, lyla members bashing Leolist and other advertising platforms that don't work for them, yet when someone does/says the same concerning his "beloved Lyla" those people are then accused of being negative, disenchanted with escorting, or as just being hateful........So ladies and gentlemen of Lyla, who claim leolist or other platforms aren't your friend, don't use them, or better still, perhaps you should convince Lyla's owners, to relinquish their ownership of Leolist, lol. Waterat, you are aware that many "Lyla" ladies do rely on and advertise  on leolist, and I'm sure do well by it, or they wouldn't be posting there daily/ apparently it is their friend...... And may I add...... Lyla is no more friendly to escorts  than any other platform. Most of my no shows, time wasters and over stayers have been Lyla members and any escort that has proven herself to be problematic has also had lyla membership......people are people. They don't become angelic, more trustworthy, noteworthy, nor more valuable, friendly, or reliable because they join "Lyla"....remember, that many on your beloved site also go on that other garbage site, sp411, and show their other please stop perpetuating foolish notions and childish rhetoric, "one is better than the other". A site, is a site, is a site and as long as your membership lasts on Lyla, it remains complicit in leolist.... especially when one platform supports the other.....:) But keep trying Waterat, you keep pushing the falacy that lyla members are some how better, that will keep you busy as you'll have a lot of convincing to do, lol......most of us know that review boards are passe and exactly the kinds of people they do attract.

Waterat...... just can't help appointing himself as a know it all when it comes to our services.... .....quote-"It used to be primarily backpage but now it's leolist that is the sources of most request for information, comments and service menus and accordingly the uncertainty over what 'safe' applies to"-end quote......

Perhaps he isn't the "client" he proclaims himself to be, but an escort, posting as a client. That is the only explanation that makes sense. If not that, then what a presumtuous asshole he is....any guy that can make blanket statements as to what any escort experiences, and from which site, is a guy with to much time on his hands and his nose stuck in the wrong orifice.

Sites that advertise reliable/safe/trustworthy escorts-

twitter/instagram/ and many others. Google escorts in the city you are wanting to visit an escort in, Example -Halifax escorts-..... that will bring up links to various sites where "Halifax " escorts advertise..... Cross reference the escort/s you have interest in. Most reliable escorts advertise on multiple sites, most have websites or social media platfroms, it is from those you should glean all your information, then contact the escort to have any further questions answered and too solidify as to whether or not you'd be compatible.Twitter is an easy platform to use and on which you can interact with an escort. Be polite, follow her contact protocol, and you'll have no issues. If you want advice about escorts, ask one. If you have a question about escorts, ask one.....If you have interest in an escort, contact **the escort**..That escort will always be your best resource to have your questons answered.....not some guy/s on a review board who've an agenda to push, or ladies to favor for favors.....and vice versa....