The good. the bad, and the ugly....

12 Jun, 2024

The title is a short version of what every escort experiences on any day of their schedule, even those of us who screen. We all have had the good, bad, inbetween, even ugly experiences with clients. But if you screen well, your experiences will be more often good and great, rather than bad, inbetween or ugly....

 I feel bad for the younger, or the inexperienced escorts whose negative experiences happen more frequently simply because of their inexperience, or lack of screening, or ability to screen. To them I say please learn to screen properly and screen well. If a client is a review board member research their posts, they can be very telling. How they speak online will give you a sample of how you'll be treated. Do NOT accept a client telling you the tired line "they've more to lose than you" therefore they can't provide you with any screening information.....ask for their ID, you've a right to know who you are meeting. If they decline to prove their identity by either providing a selfie, governement ID, or with links to their online profiles, or in another manner which allows you to confirm their identity, decline them. You have more to lose than just their money should you deal with these types. More often than not, those clients who refuse to screen do so because they've an agenda to harm you, or because you knowing who they are will identify that they've already harmed someone else. And harmed may mean simply posting trash about someone. But beware, that someone could eventually be you!! Clients with the most to lose, are from my experience, the most likely to appreciate those escorts who screen and they will give their information willingly. Good clients are suspect of escorts who DO NOT screen.

 If a gentleman is flattering you, but demeaning to others, beware. If they gossip about other escorts they've seen, beware, as they'll eventually gossip about you too. If they openly discuss personal details about anyone, beware, they'll discuss yours as well. A good client is a discreet client.They don't discuss anyone they've been intimate with, other than mentioning them in regards to references. They don't demean other escorts or clients, for any reason and they don't negotiate, nor do they complain about anyones rates. Good clients are appreciative.They understand that this industry is meant to be diverse and they're respectful to all varities of persons who advertise or indulge in it. They understand the need for rate increases, and that all of us do things differently. They don't compare one escort to another.

Good clients are NOT those who post on trashy review boards. Don't be fooled by those who post trash about others, all while they praise you. Be assured, if you service these types, your turn for being trashed will come......Those clients who trash talk are indiscreet, even with those they've "appreciated". Everyone becomes their target eventually. These trash talkers hate the fact that they have to pay escorts for sexual attention. They hate the fact that they can't manipulate every new escort or this industry to meet their needs. They are especially hateful towards those escorts with experience and who have the sense to ignore them. These types of clients are immature, misogynistic, self loathing, gas lighting average joes. They are unsuccessful in their dating lives, and most often in miserable marriages.They are sexual failures and the only way they can get off is by manipulating those half their age, or younger, as they've no idea how to interact with more mature adults. These average joes are most often over 40, angry at the world for their failures in life, and rage against escorts who won't see them, or who they can't afford, manipulate or harm. They'll whine about the most inconsequential things and never accept blame for anything. Thankfully, they are a minority.

There are so many wonderful and balanced men, from all walks of life, that frequent escorts, and who make each experience a fun, enjoyable and memorable one. So stay true to yourself, only accept clients who make you feel better about yourself, and who accept your conditions. Any client who tries to dissuade you from doing things in a way you're comfortable with, isn't someone you should see. Always stand up for yourself, and put your needs first. Treat your clients with respect and make it known you expect the same. When escorting, PLEASE never allow the comments, or actions of a few useless goofs ruin it for you. Anyone can be successful in this industry with hard work and determination. We all have something to offer and we're all valuable. So never accept anyone telling you any different!!