20 Apr, 2024

This acronym is short for the Girl Friend Experience, and my favorite type of date. Some believe in order for a date to be considered a Gfe, certain services have to be performed. I don't follow those thoughts. I believe it's a style of service in which two people let down their guards and allow things to flow naturally and as they might when a connection is formed.The screening process is when I determine whether or not I feel I'll have this connection. On a gfe date you'll trust whom you are with enough to enjoy the intimacies a real girl and boyfriend would share, within the boundaries both have discussed before hand. 

Prior to meeting there will be some conversation to discuss likes, dislikes, too share enough information to make one another feel safe, and to solidify a time and place to meet. This type of date is never rushed, often it is longer than an hour and might include dinner, drinks and then some alone should feel like a real date and never like a business transaction. Yes, the GFE is a beautiful should try the experience soon!!