The filthiest side of escorting....

19 May, 2024

Those outside of our industry, and who think it shouldn't exist, will say that all aspects of escorting are filthy, and unaccpetable. That regardless of how you sell sex, it can't be respectable. Those of us who've been in the industry for many years, and who've experienced the good and the bad of it, will disagree.

It can be respectable for sober consenting independent adults to seek out one another for company. When they seek each other for reasons that aren't harmful to themselves or another person. When they respect safe practices, boundaries and discretion.

 Escorting used to be an industry with standards and where discretion was respected. Adults sought out adults, and they were always discreet about it in every way. No one talked about who saw who, when, where etc, etc. Clients were seen as clients, not allies, and escorts held respect for one another. Cliques weren't the norm, neither was backstabbing, nor hierarchy......We all looked out for one another. In my early years of escorting it was easy to discern the good clients from the bad and the pimped girls from those who weren't.  They didn't have review boards to hide on. There were standards that we all followed and supported.... No one was approving of the older guys that obsessed over girls who were 18 or 19, so they could use and manipulate them, nor of the pimps who coerced ladies. Both these types of guys were seen in the same light.....No one supported unsafe services, no bare anything. Ladies didn't disparage or undercut one another to gain clients. Rates were uniform, or 10-20$ higher or lower. It wasn't rates that determined who called who, it was the escort/s and how the escort/s provided their service and again, we all practiced safely and for the same $$$.....we all hustled.... 

When the internet arrived and review boards were born, they became a haven for the perverts to prowl, the competitive to compete and unsafe practices were turned into accepted practice. 18 yr old escorts were considered acceptable, even when approached by those 3x's their age. It became rude to assume an 18 yr old to be too immature to sell services, and it was also said that it is no ones business to critique what age a man finds attractive. Board members became sellers of the notion that certain unsafe services were suddenly safe, and the gfe was born and promoted....argue that, and those revered board members would soon ruin your reputation. Pimps and that culture is said on boards, to be frowned upon, well, as long as one of your friends, or a revered member/s weren't part of that culture. If they are or were, then they'll be accepted/acceptable. Boards push the importance of being "independent", to escort by choice, yet they do nothing to ensure their members actually are escorting willingly. If an escort is pimped and known to be, as long as she is good to her friends, and her friends are reputable board members, and the clients love her, she'll be considered a "good escort" and an approved board member..... Rates became something that couldn't be discussed, as they were deemed "up to the escort to decide"....yet escorts quickly learned if you wanted to be popular, all you had to do is lower your rates, and have few boundaries. Undercutting became the norm and an acceptable practice. Boards promote competitiveness.Thanks to board culture, the industry became rampant with disrespect and hypocrisy.....

So if you want to participate in pimp culture, the disrespectable, and the seedy side of escorting, join an escort review board... where perverts skirt the law, where ladies who aren't independent, pretend to be, where unsafe practices are encouraged, and prevelant. Where you can be as dishonest and underhanded as you like, as long as *you only* pick on those the "revered members" don't like, or don't work with, or who the boards owners or mods, don't favor.

Welcome to escorting in 2021,... where if you're an escort...... you'll charge less, do more, kiss the right peoples asses, literally and figuratively, join the right clique, and you'll do just fine. 

Where if you're a client, you can be sleazy, gossip, lie, ask for a discount, offer a lady a review, then she'll give you a discount, and maybe even offer you her friend, or one of them. Your hygiene can even be lacking..... Yes you can be all of this and the boards will love you, and then some escorts will too.... All you need is money, right? It is 2021, after all.