The client.....

13 Jun, 2024

As an escort, I've met a number of men over the years, from all walks of life, with all different types of personalities, of all different religions, ethnicitys, beliefs, married, single, partnered, and from all ages. As young as, early 20's and as mature as 70 something.....and one thing I've come to learn.....I've still a lot to learn about men and too never judge a book by it's cover. 

A ceo, might treat the  company he runs and the employess he over sees, one way, but he can be a pig when behind closed doors and the cheapest of the cheap. A Doctor might show compassion to his patients, but might be a cold and disrespectful person when with someone he wants sex from. That great looking guy you see at the gym, who you might think gets all the women, might frequent escorts quite often, and treat them wonderfully and the over weight, unattractive guy, will be the pickiest and most ignorant of clients. There are so many contradictions, that when choosing clients, I learned, deciding based on anyone particular aspect, would be doing myself a disservice. Rich men can be the cheapest, poor men can be the most generous, good looking guys can expect very little and be the most complimentary and the most hideous of men, may be the pickiest and the most demanding and vice versa. There are also many who seek our time, that do so, all while containing great hostility towards us, and perhaps with hostility of women in general. I have been lucky sometimes, and avoided many of those types, as they often expose themselves with their intial communications. These types often frequent review boards, and openly speak about us as if we were merchadise, disposable, and have no issue referring to us by derogatory names. 

What I deem a wonderful client is a man who contacts me as I request, who shows up on time, who leaves on time, who is clean, and who is as concerned about my comfort, as he is of his own.

In my many years of escorting, I have had a myriad of bad experiences, but akso lots of great ones. A couple that were so bad they're unforgettable. One was my ex-finance, who I had spent 2 yrs, give or take some months with, and another 6 yrs trying to get him out of my life. The other, I have blooged about in the past. A man ( I say "man" sarcastically) who I repeatedly had professed to have not met.....turns out I had. I found his contact information, and after putting 2 and 2 together, reluctantly recalled the visit I just couldn't have imagined that I'd be that irresponsible and stupid to have misjudged and trusted someone so awful, to have let him into my space. Him slipping by my intuitiveness and screening just goes to show how sneaky, twisted, manipulative and vile some people can be  He is the douchebag in my pinned tweet on twitter and the most narcissistic human being I've met to date. Yes many have come thru my door, and I thru there's, thankfully many of them have been the reason I often smile, and with whom, I look forward to hearing from again......