The border is open....

13 Jun, 2024

So you have to isolate if you come from NB, then you don't, then you do, now you don't again, lol. So a few ladies are now booking their travel times....NB will soon become saturated with NS ladies, lol. I do plan a NB trip, but I don't want to over lap my travel plans with other ladies, which I fear may be near impossible as it seems.  Since we're all restless and wanting to leave NS for a change as soon as possible. My plans for a PEI trip are still on depending on their border restrictions allowing me in. Hopefully I'll find out this week. If not, I've appointments that will keep me in NS until after the 8th of July, so after the 8th  I may make a NB trip. If you're interested in seeing me, watch leolist, or massage republic, as they are the places I advertise most. Stay safe while enjoying our new found freedom:)