That slap!!    I fell asleep while watching the Oscars and missed all the drama. But after seeing the footage and hearing opinions on twitter, I too feel that Will Smith slapping Chris Rock, was inappropriate, and unnecessary. I do support Will Smith telling Rock to "keep my wife's name out of your fucking mouth", in defense of his wife. As Rock's joke was in poor taste and I'm glad he was called out for it. But it should have ended there and should have been done off screen. Smith should have confronted Rock privately. Smith's actions were classless and over kill. And although Smith apologized to the Academy, he also needed to apolgize to Rock, for hitting him. That would have also given Smith a moment to explain that certain jokes, especially those about diseases/health conditions, towards the person suffering, are in poor taste, not funny, and shouldn't be any comedians subject. They both were inappropriate and set a poor example for all men.