Thanks Cj & SaraAlexxx.....

  On 11/28/2020 at 3:46 AM, Cjthomas said:

I am another who’d also support that decision. We need more

people here who speak truthfully about this community and who aren’t two faced.

SarahAlexxx said

Just a quick reminder that she still slanders Lyla on the internet. So, can we please stop acting like she wants to be here... she wants attention only and has no desire to be a team player. 


This was from NOVEMBER 29th 2020!20201201_062215.thumb.jpg.d00df7d7a507fe39afc1997165f5045d.jpg


It was nice of CJ to show his support of me.....( ^ he was addressing another persons comment who had said my ban on lyla should be reconsidered....)

Lol, Cj it's been a while, thanks for your continued support, please don't mention me there again, unless you want them to evict you too, lol. As I said in that blog, I've no interest in being on any review board, especially Lyla, where bias, whorearchy, phoniness and sucking up are the regular activities of many who post there....

And wasn't it nice of Emily Rushton's minion "Sara Alexx" to run and copy and paste my previous blog onto lyla to let her fellow suck ups know what I have to 

Sara, you know nothing about what I want, or desire, so don't be so presumptuous, even though being so appears to be part of your character. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog though, and for sharing one excerpt of it for your friends to see. I see *one* of them was grateful for your efforts, lol. And you certainly have a different perception of slander than I and the dictionary. So just in case you read this blog, Let me educate you...... I don't slander lyla, I speak candidly & truthfully about it, and about some of it's members, pertaining to my experiences and I will continue to do as often as I see fit. Just because you haven't had the same experience there doesn't make my perception of it wrong, nor does it make it slander. Educate yourself before you open your busy mouth. Slander is when someone speaks malicious untruths about someone or something, then tries to convince others of those untruths.....A little like you are doing in your copied post above, about me.  As far as you thinking I'm not a team player, that is cute coming from someone who blocks people on her twitter simply because they have differing opinions of review boards, to yours........But your reaction and comment  is expected, I know you are very protective of Lyla, because you do well by it, they kiss your ass and you kiss theirs, lol... yet you seem very comfortable dissing the sites you don't do well on, a little hypocritical wouldn't you say..........that is typical behavior of a review board member. ......  Clearly, your age and inexperience color your opinions, so I have no need to take what you have to say, think or do, seriously. If it came with some experience and less bias, then perhaps ..... So next time you want to make comments about what I deisre or want, ask me, instead of basing them on your biased, uneducated and immature opinions. Btw, as was just said to me, "no advertising is bad advertising", so thanks  also for the free

Thanks to you too Jenesis for your opinion. Which was also expected. You always do have to get a word in edge wise when my name is mentioned, lol. You have been doing so since, why stop now..... You're not quite as sharp tongued though, as you were when you used the persona Jessica Rain, interesting