Thank you PEI...

13 Jun, 2024

It's Wednesday Sept 09.....and I'm back from my PEI trip and a well needed Hiatus from escorting. I'm so very grateful to all those gentlemen who graced my doorstep while visitng PEI. I'm grateful that they were considerate, clean, on time, and respectful of my boundaries. Most were discreet, and all have left me with a desire to revisit:) The only unpleasent episode I experienced was with the motel manager and his dive of a motel. My choice of accomodations was well below my standards and I apologize to those who visited with me for not leaving and seeking out another place to spend those days....however, I hope most know that because of covid, most of us are choosing places that offer a more discreet entry and exit, and as I've told many, most hotels that you have to enter to access a room are asking for the registered quests name and or room number. Most gents don't like that. Aside from that all was great and I'm hoping to return before Christmas. 

Taking time away from escorting, even tho I'd consider myself very part time, is still important. A break from any routine helps exacerbate that routine from becoming mundane. Most of my clients I now have are gents I look forward to seeing and the times we share are fun, I'd hate to have that change. I'm still in rest and relax mode, so I'll probably wait until next week to return, I hope to see you then.....unitl we meet again, stay happy, hopeful and take care of yourself.