Thank you!!

19 May, 2024

To my many regulars who've been keeping me busy, thank you!! To those new gents who've been so respectful, who showed up on time, and were so much fun, thank you!! You've made this never ending pandemic bareable. Being respectful, on time and discreet, makes me only want to visit with you more.

For a small few, just a kind reminder of what not to do

Never show up early to an incall and linger around waiting. If you find yourself early and your companion can"t see you yet, find a coffee shop, store, or somewhere else to park and wait. 

Never use your companions name if other people are within earshot. Most of us use a pseudonym and calling out our companion name may incite an uncomfortable conversation between your companion and their neighbors!!

Be aware of the gifts you in particular can elude to some gossip, if you are going to an incall which is  where your companion lives. Since suitors are usually the ones that bring flowers.....

Being discreet, means not allowing anyone to assume why you are going to a specific locale. You go in quietly, and leave quietly and as inconspicuous as possble. Looking like you are lost or confused will alert anyone looking to something suspicious and bring unwanted attention to you and your companion. If you become confused call your companion with your issue/s from a neutral locale then head back to the incall.

If your companion gives you instructions on how to enter, IE: don't ring the doorbell, or just walk in, etc, etc, follow those!! They are given for a reason. If you are asked to park somewhere, park "somwhere"!! Instructions are given for a reason and they are meant to be followed!!

If you call your companion and there is no answer, calling back multiple times will make you seem stalkerish. It's impolite and unnecessary. Most have voicemail, leave a message! When I can't answe my phone it's either because I'm with a client, busy with something else, or I'm not working!! I have a personal life and that too can be very busy and there are also days that I want to enjoy away from technology and other people:)

All in all it's mostly about using your common sense and respect. Please always be keen to use both....