I had another lovely trip to Sydney. This time it was a little more trying, with all the young guys playing their games. Texting their hey's, booking, then not following through, and a couple of other guys who have called before just to waste time. Do they really think my memory is so short, or that I don't keep track of the timewasters, lol!! But like on any trip, the nice men who show up and share themselves with me, who are respectful and appreciative of my efforts, make up for all those idiots/timewasters. I'm very grateful for those nice guys......This trip solidified my need for screening, for only seeing men over 35, and that there is a reason I ignore all texts, from all still surprises me how many men of all ages, want exceptions made for their circumstances....My reply to them will now be, for an exception to occur, they *must* first etransfer an extra 100$ on top of my hourly rate of 320$, to me in order for me to "make this exception". LOL!!!

On wednesday I woke and readied myself for the trip home. I turned my phone on with the thoughts that if a client were to call before I left, I'd accept the appointment. And of course some idiot with a Winnipeg app number just callled, and called. I answered twice, I mean it must have been an emergency (big eye roll), as they kept calling, and all the person did was listen to me say hello, lol. Then called and called again.... Imagine starting your day with a need to call someone over and over again just to be a nusiance. What a sad life some lead. And of course a potential client did contact me when I was at tim hortons and on my way out of the city (930 am), lol.....Maybe he'll contact me on my next trip. Yes, I'll be going back. I look at my tours this way....the more hassle I'm given, the more I realize I'm a threat to someone.....and if someone deems me to be a threat, I will be. I'll come back, be at my best, and work hard. There is no one who'll discourage me. Nor any amount of money that will encourage me, for that matter.....I also get the calls/texts from guys saying "money is no object" ..... I wish more would realize that I am different than many. I'm not out here escorting to make a certain amount of $$, or needing X amount to pay certain bills. At this stage of my life I'm simply looking to meet some nice men and have some fun. The extra $$ is a nice bonus.....So flashing your money won't impress me. Being a person of good character, however, might. 

It's the same old story. This business is frought with idiots, time wasters, cowards and decent people. No matter how much time passes, the idiots/timewasters will show themselves to be such, by sending stupid texts, and other foolishness. The cowards are those idiots who've alot to say, but not the courage to say to the face of the person they gripe about, instead they post their drivel anonymously, and always on trashy review boards, and the nice guys without agendas, will contact me or any other escort, as we request, screen as asked and enjoy sharing company. And more often than not, return to share it some's not complicated. People make themselves obvious, if their actions don't, and you don't need a psychology degree to understand any of it.....

I'm hoping to see you again Sydney, before Santa arrives, depending of course on the covid situation....until then stay safe, and be good to yourselves!!