Spread kindness....

13 Jul, 2024

It is never a good idea to allow the opinions from other people cloud your judgement of a person you've never met. If someone is talking spitefully about another, instead of doing the same, look into why this person who is spreading the gossip, is so full of hatred. People often say nasty things about others because of jealousy, because of their own unhappiness, competiveness, or for many other petty reasons. If you've heard someone spreading malicious gossip about another person, before you form an opinion, or have the urge to continue the spread, get to know the person being spoken of. Look into them, find out for yourself if they're worth you spending your precious energy in a negative way, by also disliking them. And find out if the one spreading the gossip is hurt and in need of some healing. Perhaps you could help all involved by offering a compassionate ear, or a shoulder to cry on. It's always better to spread kindness and promote accpetance rather than joining a hate train, and spreading malicious gossip.