Sorry for my absence....

15 Jul, 2024

My personal life and regular clients have been keeping me very busy......Today I've a few minutes and so I've always found it curious that so many in this business will often make posts or comments about being an independent SW (sexworker) meant that as such we get to run our business as we see fit. IE: charge what we want, see whom we choose, work when we want, ect, etc. Yet I've noticded that these same people will often throw out do's and don'ts of how to operate our businesses.....Now I understand that *sometimes* this is done to help out newbies, as a kind gesture to help. Aside from that, I"ve noticed these "do's and don'ts" often come across instead as instructions as to how things should be done. We all want those starting out to avoid the mistakes we've made, yet we should also beaware that just because somethings we do works for us, they may not work for another and just because we feel the need to advertise, dress, or work a certain way, does not mean another should.....we all have our unique ways, please don't suggest that one is better than another......thanks!