Some people!!

This blog is about this thread taken from a review board....  And why you may ask has it upset me so, to include it here? Because, within it, you have some passively aggressive people trying to convince some, that because of the legal case mentioned in the thread, that it is another reason to NOT give an escort any personal information upon booking!! That you shouldn't screen! Although they say "of course we(escorts) have a right to screen", but then out of the other side of their mouth they say "beware if you do" or" I won't screen, I'll just look for an escort who doesn't require screening" . These types of comments are as silly as the law the government has enacted for escorts...They allow us to sell sexual services, but make it illegal for clients to buy those sexual services........How can we screen, if all clients agree that it's to dangerous to allow screening. How can we sell what can't be purchased......Both equally foolish, both equally damning for escorts.The last comment made by "Fatboynotslim" is the most foolish......- quote" They can run their business as they see fit, and clients can determine the level of risk they're willing to take. I'm just saying that disclosing personal identifying information does not come without risk for those who are in a position to be extorted"-end quote.

So everyone is safe, it's only those who are in a position to be extorted who should be careful? Who is in a position to be extorted? Is he meaning that those who've more money, more noteriety, should be more careful? Such a foolish comment. As a matter of fact, those gents I've met, who've lots of money, or who are known, or who run big businesses, are always the ones most willing to be screened. They know the importance of doing so, and they know those of us who do screen, take the whole process of escorting/booking our clients and their safety, very seriously. It's always the "average Joes", who noboby would care to know about, who have the least to loose, who are always the ones to raise concerns about being scammed and holler "Don't Screen". It's always those guys, who seek out the unknown escorts who look to good to be true, with no reputation, no social medias, no other ads, other than the one ad they saw, in which the pics are usually stolen, who do get scammed. Then that guy that got scammed because of his recklessness, and because he didn't research that escort, who will then try and convince everyone that giving *any* escort personal ID, as being a bad idea!!

*It is safe to give screening details to a professional escort!  By professional I mean, an escort who respects themselves/their business/theirclients. And you can tell this if you research that escorts websites/ads/social media, and by having a conversation with that escort. An escort who respects their business, who works to attract regular clients, and who wants to garner a good reputation, will protect your identity as strongly as they protect their own.They want you to return and they want their business to flourish!!  You can't flourish if you go around extorting, scamming or identifying clients!! Only when a client has been abusive, has stolen from us, or physically harmed us, would it be necessary to divulge their information to the police. We have our physical lives to protect, you have your id....think of that balance.....

My clients are from all walks of life and I treat them all, equally well. I protect them all, equally well. Unless one were to harm me, would it be necessary to divulge their identity, even then, I'd find it difficult to do so. Yet there are so many idiots who get on these review boards and try and make it seem that we're all out to extort and be reckless with our clients information, whenever an opportunity arises.....This angers me so, and I wish more would speak up against these types of comments they make, and the notions they try and perpetuate. I believe the types of clients who make such comments, the ones who are often crying wolf, are often the ones giving reasons to cause us to have to screen, and to have to ask for personal information when booking, how ironic is that!!