Some clarification.....

A few things things I'd like to make clear.... 

I call myself an escort, and as an escort I do not sell my body, nor sexual services, I sell my time. When you book with me you are paying me for that allotted time. Not for a bj, Fs, or anything else, you are paying for my time only. Stop making assumptions that all escorts do with clients is to suck and fuck. Although I enjoy some of my clients in physical ways, we also engage in other activiites. I as well as many other escorts, have the intelligence and abilities, to entertain in many ways. If your narrow mind can only conceptualize escorts with sexual activities, that is your issue not ours.

When you contact me from a text app number, I block you, immediately. When you are a stranger to me and you text me, I ignore you. I advertise phone calls only, and from registered cell numbers. NO TEXT APPS. When you ignore my contact protocol, that tells me you are thoughtless and only have regard for your needs, and not mine. So I most certainly will not want to meet you for any reason, nor for any amount of $$$$. You see, there are some escorts who are able to choose with whom we want to meet with. We aren't solely driven by the desire of monetary gain.

When I ask you for a picture of yourself, that doesn't mean one of you taken back when you vacationed somewhere years earlier, nor of you standing beside some fancy car, you took at another time. Unless you plan on gifting me the car, then showing yourself next to yours, or another persons car means nothing, and won't be accepted. When I ask you for a picture, it'll be one of you in the momnet, a quick selfie, holding something I request, or a picture of your governement ID. I don't meet with strangers, nor with those to insecure to allow me to know who you really are. It is up to me to determine what I'll require from you. Your only choice is to accept that or to move on.

The amount of compensation I request for my time, is also entirely at my discretion. It is not up for negotiating. Your opinion of that is not wanted, nor do I care about it. Either you accept it, or you don't. 

I'm a kind person, but never mistake that for me being weak. I'm very confident, independent, and I know my worth. I've no issue taking anyone to task who abuses my name, or reputation, should need be.