Social media...

As much as I harp on about review boards you'd think I'd do the same about social media platforms.....and I will a little in this blog, however the difference as I see it is..... most social media platforms aren't forums in which a specific stance is taken, or perpetuated. They aren't sites that try and convince their "members" to follow a certain believe, nor do they favor anyone, or project bias.....They are "platfroms" within those posting can freely (as long as specified rules are followed) post their opinions, ads, pics, comments, etc, etc......Social media platforms attract a wide variety of personalities, with a wide variety of agendas. They also give keyboard warriors/trolls (those who wouldn't have the backbone to speak their opinions in person) an opportunity to bully, and stalk those they dislike, or disagree with. All in all tho, for people in my profession, they've given us an opportunity to advertise for free, and to share a bit about oursleves, to enable those clients who like to choose an escort based on more than just a physical attraction, an ability to see into our personalitites, likes, dislikes, etc....Between personal escort websites and social media platforms such as twitter, instagram, only fans, etc, there really is no longer a need for review boards, especially those review boards who've a purvasive misogynistic and biased theme. So my recommendation for those new to seeking escorts, follow them on twitter, instagram, these are two very friendly places where you can get glimpse of your favorite escort, beyond their physical presence.....Happy Friday, may your day be a special one.