She loved to be paid.......

Money can motivate many. With Carrie, it was her sexual stimulant. Carrie was a gorgeous woman, some often said she was Shannon Tates doppleganger. She had large blue eyes. Eyes that sparkled, which mesmerized because of their unusual shade of baby blue. Her hair was glossy, long and the color of a golden sunset. Her creamy skin was often lightly tanned. She wasn't statuesque, although her long, lean legs gave an impression that she was taller than her measurements indicated. Carrie knew she turned heads, she knew her gift was her beauty. 

Carrie was a hard worker and loved her job. She had started her landscaping business just out of university and it took off quickly. Her clientele were a mixture of the infamous, and famous. She gained a reputation for her exemplary work, attention to detail and for creating landscapes that were uniquely designed. But for many it was her stunning looks that won them over.......It wasn't a coincedence that many who hired her, didn't allow their staff to work with her, they'd want to work directly with her. Carrie wore denim shorts, a white tank, a pink handkerchief around her neck and her favorite pair of Timberlands, this was her usual attire, no matter who she was meeting. Carrie wasn't a women who needed any adornments to have her stand out, her natural beauty did that. Although there was one client that caused Carrie to pay a little more attention to her appearence than usual and that was Matt. When Carrie knew she'd be working on Matt's estate, she would make sure she wore a little makeup, had a manicure and added some curl to her straight hair. She also would spritz herself with her favorite scent. She wanted Matt to notice more than just her work. She had heard certain things about Matt, and they intrigued her as much as his looks did.

Matt was a tall man, soon to enter his 50's. The only tell tale of his age was his salt and pepper hair. He was strong looking, confident and a successful entrepreneur. He had lots of female interest, but was often to busy to enjoy any of the interest. He was newly divorced, and whispered about in social cirlcles. He was a wanted man, wanted by many women, and Carrie was one of them. Matt loved women, but because of his travelling, schedule, and him not wanting a conventional relationship, Matt would seek out certain women. Matt would hire escorts. He could trust them to leave him alone after their trysts. They asked no questions, wanted nothing but a good time and to be compensated for it. They never bothered him, and protected his privacy. He paid them well and would frequent specific women in each city he travelled to. He had no specific look that he sought out. He was turned on by something felt, not seen. Chemistry......But Carrie did catch his eye.......could he have sensed that Carrie had once been an escort ? 

While attending university Carrie had worked as an escort, and she continued to dabble in the profession, even tho she no longer needed the income to sustain her. With Carrie, money and sex, seemed to go hand in hand. Money ignited her desire, and she had lots of desire, it made her wet  Carrie loved sex. She loved men who loved to pay women for sex........Could she have sensed that Matt was a man that also enjoyed the lifestyle, or could she have been drawn to him because of his good looks......he was a man that turned heads. He was hard to miss.....and on this day Matt was hard, and stuck at home. 

When Carrie drove thru his gates, Matt was taking business in hand. Matt was jeking his thick cock without any thought other than dropping a load to relieve the weeks stress. The window was open and Matt had forgotten that Carrie would be arriving that morning. All 6ft4 of him was naked and jerking wildly, while standing near the open window, and Carrie saw it all. She exited her range rover, and stood watching him, listening to his moans got her wet, and excited. She couldn't look away. Matt noticed her and turned giving her a full frontal view......was this an invitation? Should she leave......respond directly, or begin to do her work?........Carrie suprised herself, and hollered you need any help? Matt smiled, grabbed his robe and asked her to wait there, he said, "he'd be right down". As Matt walked towards her, his hard on was still evident under his robe, Carrie couldn't take her eyes off if. Matt apologized and offered to pay her for her days work and said she could leave, and return another day......Carrie responded "I appreciate your offer and I accept, although it seems you need help with something else", "if you'd like to pay me to help you with that", she pointed to his erection, she said, "she'd happily oblige" Matt replied " I like how you think, and I accept your offer". Matt grab her hand and took her inside. "Wait here", he said. He went inside his office and removed 2000 from his safe. He returned and handed Carrie the money, she set it aside and fell into his arms.She kissed him deeply and ran her hands over his robe until she found his thick cock. She stroked it until he moaned for more. Carrie knelt before him and took his cock deeply into her mouth. She sucked and stroked it until he exploded into her mouth. He shook, moaned and collapsed on the floor next to her. She wiped her mouth and smiled. She stood up, pushed him back flatly on the floor and begun a slow stip tease while she stood over him. She swayed her hips, cupped her perky breasts and lowered her pussy so it grazed his mouth. She stood back up and continued her mesmerizing dance, which was making him hard again. He began to stroke himself, as she swayed above him. He wanted to absorb every inch of her with his eyes, but his tongue longed to taste her. Her aroma had him throbbing.......he sat up and grabbed her, kissing her deeply, softly, and she wrapped her legs around him as he carried her up the stairs. "I'm going to make you cum, Carrie", "and I'm going to remember this fuck". She replied, "I will too " He laid her on the bed, kneeling in front of her, he spread her legs, and began to use his tongue to tease her until she begged him to enter her. He resisted, and continued to tongue and finger her until she came into his mouth. He crawled onto the bed, turned her over and mounted her. He buried his hard cock deep into her wet, throbbing pussy, she begged for more. He teased her, he went slow, deep, as he reached to fondle her tits. She encouraged him, begged for him, he turned her over, spread her legs wide and used his tongue to tease her more. When he got her clit hard, he slid his cock back into her, fucking her deep, enjoying the view of her......she was one of the best fucks he'd had in a long time. She was so horny, she loved his cock, and he loved filling her with it. They fucked for hours.........and Carrie no longer did his landscaping, Carrie now had another job with Matt.......

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