13 Jun, 2024

I'm happy to see more and more escorts demanding screening and deposits. I've know for a long time, those who refuse screening are always the ones who'll waste the escorts time, who'll no show and never compensate for doing so and who'll cause other trouble....if the client refuses a deposit, you can also bet he plans on not showing up, or knows there is a possibility he will miss his alloted time. 

Escorts hear the tired excuses over and over about how much a client has to lose, should it become known he is seeing an escort....well, to them I say, perhaps then, you shouldn't see escorts. Any professional escort will protect your information as if it's her own. That is what we are paid for, our priority is keeping your information protected and private..... Divulging clients business, will only ruin the escorts. And statisitcs clearly show that any client that has been found out was found out because of his lack of care, his stupidity, not because an escort has divulged his information. 

Escorts need to know who they are meeting, especially in these times, should covid be contacted. Beyond the other obvious reasons, namely safety....As a companion knowing who you are and a few other details about you, also helps us determine compatibility. Which is important to those of us who offer authentic shared intimacy. So there is no justifiable reason for any man to remain anonymous when wanting to meet with an escort...none. It is amusing when I see the review board members whining about screening. These guys post prolifically on their chosen board using their pseudonyms, thinking that they're protected and anonymous. They are if they feel comfortable posting openly on those public sites, they especially, have no excuse to not feel comfortable offering their chosen escort their identity. Screening is a must. A responsible, professional escort will demand it, and a respectful client will agree to it, it's just that simple.